Saturday, January 23, 2016

Baby Henry and A Snow Day

We have had an eventful week here at our house.  Last Sunday morning around 5:30 am, we got a call from Ashley that she was in labor and on her way to the hospital.  The whole previous week, John was gone to Finland, so every night either Lindy or I went over to her house to help her bathe the kids and get them ready for bed.  She was so afraid she was going to have her baby while John was out of town.  Then, on Saturday morning, Will woke up with a stomach bug.  So that was our next prayer...that no one else would get it!  So, when Ashley called on Sunday morning, I was so happy because the timing was perfect.  John was home, Will was better, and now Baby Henry could make his appearance!

This little angel was born around 10:15 in the morning.  Henry James Scott.  He weighed 6 lbs. 7 oz. and was 20 inches long.

He arrived on January 17, 2016.  It was such a happy day.  We woke up to a beautiful snowfall and the Panthers won their first playoff against the Seattle Seahawks.  Ashley did so well and we were so glad John was back and able to be there.

Later in the day, all of us went up to the hospital to meet him.

I can't believe Ashley and John have FOUR kids now!  It brings back so many memories of me when I had all my four under the age of four.  It is a never-ending, exhausting job to be a full-time mommy, but I would not change one single thing about it.  I loved every minute of it.  And Ashley was made to be a mommy.  She is already handling everything with grace and ease.

David, Caroline, and Will were all so excited to meet Baby Henry when he got home.  They have all been so sweet and gentle with him.  They love him already.

It was also Spirit Week at school this week.  Each day the kids had a theme to dress up like (Disney Day, Decades Day, Career Day, etc.)  Plus we found out on Thursday that there was a possibility of snow the next day.  So you can imagine how wound up everyone was!  Haha!  It was one of those crazy teacher weeks, but we made it through.

And we DID get our snow day!

It was really more ice than snow, but school was cancelled and we had the best day just staying in our pajamas all day.  I made Laurie's Mississippi Roast and baked brownies.  We watched House of Cards and I watched several episodes of my new favorite, Call The Midwife.  Does anyone else watch this??  It's so good!

We had a fire going and stayed cozy all day.  And Steve and I even got to go sledding.  We have been sledding together since we were in high school, and we still have fun doing it! :)

Tomorrow the Panthers are playing in their second playoff game.  If they win, they will go to the SUPERBOWL!!  Charlotte is SO PUMPED and excited!!  Lindy and Sean got tickets to the game and Steve and I are planning on getting something good to eat & cheering from home.

So that's our January so far!  It has been full of fun and excitement.  I'm hoping tomorrow will be another awesome day!