Thursday, June 25, 2015

Doing Life

Well, life is just rolling along....full of all the ups and downs that make it what it is.  Lots of joy and laughter and a few tears here and there.

Since I blogged back in April, here are a few things that have been going on here....

Lindy moved to New York and started her new job.  Sean went with her and helped her get all settled in.

I helped give my niece Brianna a bridal shower.

My neighbor, Kelsey, got married.  We have known her since she was 10 years old, so it was so fun to be attending her wedding.  She was a beautiful bride!

Steve and I drove to New York to take Lindy all of her things.  On the way, we stopped in DC to have dinner with Mark.

We had such a fun weekend in NYC with Lindy!

She lives in Astoria, Queens.  It is such a cute little Greek neighborhood.  And, let me tell you ...the food was amazing!

We did some fun things with the kids.  Like taking them to Chick Fil A....

And strawberry picking....

And swimming...

And to Carowinds...

We also built forts....

Had a fun dinner at Granny's....

And got froyo to try and cool off from these 100 degree days!

We celebrated Ashley's 28th birthday on May 11th....

Mark came to Charlotte for a week, so it was fun getting to spend time with him.

He brought his girlfriend, Kalli, so we got to hang out with her, too, for a little bit....

And I said goodbye to my class with a banana split party!

Despite all the fun, we have had some really difficult times over the past few months, also.  During May, one of my sweet friends from church fell off a mountain while she was hiking with her family and was killed.  She was a mother of three teenage girls and one of the most wonderful people I know.  Our whole church was completely shocked and saddened by her tragic death.  I am so thankful that she is with the Lord and she is well.  But I am just so sad for her three girls.  They loved their mom so much and will always have a void in their lives because she is gone.

At the beginning of June, my mom also took a terrible fall when she got up during the middle of the night.  She had to get eleven staples in her head and she broke her shoulder.  It was very scary for us.  We got her stitched up and took her home, but two days later, she got pneumonia.  So, back to the hospital she went.  She was there for a week and then she was sent to rehab to help her recover and try to regain her strength and the use of her shoulder.  Goodness....those two weeks were extremely stressful and traumatic for our family.  She is also no longer allowed to take any food or water by mouth.  She is strictly on a feeding tube now and it has not been easy.  The tube has gotten clogged and/or come out many times.  Each time means another trip to the hospital.  ALS is not for sissies, I can tell you that.  But she is now home.  Her sister, who is a CNA, is staying with her for a month to help her.  Then we will be hiring a home health care nurse to help her at night and sometimes during the day.  We just want her to be safe and for my dad to get a break sometimes from being a full time caregiver.

I have alternated between feeling like this....

and this...

It has truly been a roller coaster ride!

In June, Steve went to Boston on business and got to have lunch with Laura one day...

Steve's cousin's son also got married, so we hosted a house full of relatives for the week before the wedding.

And we said goodbye to Steve's sister Debbie and her family as they moved to Phoenix.

This past weekend, our summer of weddings continued (we have six this summer!).

My niece, Brianna, got married in the mountains.  Laura and Lindy came home and we stayed in Boone for the weekend together.  Steve's mom came with us and it was a lot of fun!

The day of the wedding it was raining in buckets.  I mean...I seriously don't know if I have ever seen it rain that hard on anyone's wedding day.  And the wedding was outside!!  It was a little crazy getting there on twisting and turning mountain back roads.  But we finally made it.  I laugh every time I watch this video of us in the car about to turn down into the steep gravel parking lot where the wedding venue was.  Steve's mom was about to have a heart attack.  :)

Despite all the craziness before the wedding started, the rain finally stopped and we dried off the seats and just went ahead with the ceremony.  And the wedding was absolutely beautiful.  Brianna and Zach have been together since they were in sixth grade and they are just the sweetest.  I am so happy for them. 

My dad officiated, which was so special, and I was so thankful that my mom was able to go.  Being at this wedding was a goal she set for herself way back when she was first diagnosed with ALS.  And honestly, a few weeks ago, none of us thought she would be able to make it.  But she was so determined and she did it!!  And she looked beautiful.

Here are a few pictures from the day...

Here is a video of Zach and Brianna's first dance.  I loved seeing them so happy together!

Unfortunately, after all the celebration and fun of the wedding, we came home to some sad news.  If you have been reading my blog long, you know that Lindy's boyfriend, Sean, lost his dad to cancer last October.  It has been a really hard time for him as he has been working through this loss and trying to get his career started and helping his mom get back on her feet.  Well, this past week, we found out that his mom has ovarian cancer.  It is very serious and does not look good.  Please pray for their family.  Sean has two older half brothers that are grown and gone, but he is the only son of his mom and dad.  He is only 24 years old.  This is such a hard thing to face no matter how old you are, but especially when you are so young. can see that life has just continued to have a surprise for us around every bend.  I know God is in control though.  No matter what happens, He is the one constant.  And I am so thankful for his faithfulness to us through all of the ups and downs.


  1. Bless your mom for being able to go to Brianna's wedding. My hubby's paternal grandmother has PSP, which is also a degenerative neurological disorder. It is so hard.

    Prayers to Sean and his mom. My dad passed away from pancreatic cancer so I can sympathize and relate to loosing a parent so young.

    Lucky you have three grandbabies who seem to brighten all your days.


  2. I was glad to see a post, but saddened at all the heavy things that your family and friends have been going through. I will be praying for each one.
    What a beautiful daughter you have and so happy for her adventure in NYC!
    Even though we don't know one another, I wish I could somehow help you out!
    I hope that for your mom, the days will be easier and peaceful for her. I will also be praying for Sean and for your friend's family.
    I will be covering you in prayer. Blessings!

  3. Your mother really does look beautiful! So many sad and happy moments that really paint a true picture of life's experiences.

  4. Praying now for you and your family. Your mom looks beautiful, so glad she was able to attend. The love and closeness that you all share is evident in your pictures, and is such a blessing in good times and hard. I'm so sorry about your friend, so sad for her family and all of you who loved her.

  5. A post filled with so many ups and is life. Such an emotional roller coaster for you. Praying for your rough days ahead and asking God for mercy on those enduring the trials. Praying for strength for you as you make decisions regarding your mom's care. She did indeed look beautiful at the wedding! Hard to look at her and imagine how sick she had been just a short time before the wedding. Enjoy the rest of your summer and hope to run into you at CCS this year!


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