Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Steve and I just got back from a week in Maui.  We were talking about it while we were there and we both agreed that it was definitely on our "Top 5" list of places we have ever been.

I really didn't have an expectation at all when we left.  Steve had a conference to attend and told me I was going to get to go to, but I have been so busy with life and everything going on here, that I really didn't think much about it.  I knew lots of people who said they absolutely LOVED Hawaii, though, so I figured it would be pretty great!

We left really early on Saturday morning.  Mark was home and drove us to the airport around 5:30 am.  It took us 10 hours to get there.  Oh my word that is a LONG flight!  If it seems far away and exotic, that's because it IS!!

We were there for over a week so I won't drag you through each and every day.  I will just tell you some of the highlights.  We only stayed in Maui so that is what you will see here.  Someday I hope we can go back and visit all the other islands.  I'm sure Maui is just the tip of the iceberg.  But I will say that since we had 8 days to visit that one island, we were able to see and do a lot there!  I felt like we were able to see a big part of what Maui has to offer.

Here are the things that I enjoyed the most:


Seriously.  You cannot top Hawaii for the beauty.  It is just as exotic and amazing as you would ever imagine.  The mountains meet the ocean, there are flowers and unique, tropical plants and trees everywhere, and the water is crystal blue.  So many days I was totally in awe of the beauty that surrounded us.


Oh my word...I don't think you can get a bad meal in Hawaii!  Every single thing we ate there was soooo good!!  And with the exception of maybe two places, I'm pretty sure we ate every single meal either outside or in open air.  I love doing that!

Some of our favorite restaurants were...

Tommy Bahamas

Longhi's in Wailea (this was us on our way out to dinner there.)

Fat Daddy's Barbeque in Kihei - I didn't get a picture, but this is just a little local restaurant.  The barbeque was excellent!

Three's in Kihei (we went here for lunch and I got really yummy fish tacos!)

Mama's Fish House in Paia (this was totally at the top of our list!  We went twice it was so good.)

And for lunches we loved Cheeseburger Island Style in Wailea...

and the fresh fruit at our hotel poolside bar! (Marriott Wailea Resort and Spa).

One day was rainy and cool, so we went to Rock and Brews in Paia so Steve could watch the ACC Tournament.  I got Hawaiian style chicken tacos with pineapple salsa and they were delish!

There was also a really great restaurant called Migrant in our hotel that we ate at several times and really liked!  It was Asian fusion.

I can't remember what this dish was that we got at Lahaina Fish Company, but I do know it had won some awards in Maui, so we decided to try it.  We loved it!

Food trucks are huge in Hawaii.  One day, I got stir fried shrimp and veggies from a food truck on the Road to Hana and it did not disappoint.  Yummmm!

And Shave Ice is a Maui staple.  You have to get some if you are in Hawaii!

Fruit stands are everywhere, too.  I tried fresh coconut milk for the first time so that was fun!


When we go on a trip, one of the things we love to do is explore the area and get a feel for the culture and the people.  We rented a car and drove to lots of different parts of the island.  We did things like snorkeling and hiking and touring lots of different beaches and volcanic mountains.

We drove to Lahaina the first day we got there.  It was a little cool and windy that day, but we had a great time listening to live music, shopping, and exploring that little town.

 We watched the surfers from a cliff on Honolua  Bay...

We drove on the Road To Hana one day.

That was the curviest road I have ever been on, with 56 one-way bridges that you had to cross.  We saw so many unique tropical plants and flowers!  The day started out okay, but about 3/4 of the way up, it started POURING rain.  We felt like we were in a tropical rain forest!

And, on our last night in Maui, we attended a luau.  That was so much fun and a lot like going to a Hawaiian version of a backyard barbecue or church picnic!


Hawaii is one of those places where it is a couples' paradise.  We had the best time just hanging out,  relaxing by the pool, and being on Maui time.

One day we were taking pictures of the sunset and a girl walked up and offered to take a silhouette picture.  It is totally cheesy and looks like something that would be on a Myrtle Beach t-shirt, but I like it anyway!

We had the BEST time.  I was so sad when we had to leave.  I hope we can go back again one day before too long and see more!!  It was definitely a trip I will always remember!


  1. How lovely!
    I also have to say that you have the figure of a 25 year old. HOW do you do it?
    So glad you and your husband had such a wonderful adventure!

  2. I love Maui - the last time we went we took our daughters along and it was so fun. I had tears when it was time to leave!

  3. Loved seeing all the pics!! What a great trip! Thanks for sharing! You look great!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your vacation pics. I agree with the comment above. You have a fantastic figure. How do you maintain your weight? If you don't mind, I would to offer this as a suggestion for a blog post. Would love to know about your diet and exercise routine.

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