Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Well, this is our second "snow" day here.  It is so funny because all we really got was about 1/4" of ice, but that is reason enough to buy up all the bread and milk in the store and cancel school for two days.  But, hey....I'm not complaining!  I love a good snow day and I am so thankful that we live in the south and are not having to deal with OVER 100 inches of snow.  Here is the latest picture Laura sent me from her backyard.

Bless Boston's heart.

Meanwhile, these two cuties went out to touch the ice on their swing set, but that was about all there was to do!  

You can't really build a snowman with a thin layer of ice.  (However, the kids in my neighborhood DID get in some pretty good sledding early in the morning before the ice started melting!)

We have had a nice, relaxing few days here.  For Valentine's Day, we just stayed home and grilled steaks.  

I made Pioneer Woman's chocolate pie for dessert.  Steve loved it!  He loves dark chocolate and this has the perfect amount of that!  This is not my picture, but I have to say, I put raspberries on mine and it looked almost exactly like this! :)

via Pioneer Woman

After dinner, we put our pajamas on early and got a fire going and binge watched The Good Wife.  That is a perfect night for me!  And Steve bought me roses.  

He is always so sweet.  I think he has gotten me roses every single Valentine's Day since I was 16 years old!  

Since it has been so cold and wintery, we have mostly just been hanging out at home the past few days.  I am currently reading this...

....and I am liking it so far!  I will let you know more after I get a little farther into it.

We watched SNL's 40th Anniversary Special on Sunday night and laughed so much.  

Watching that was such a walk down memory lane and made me feel old and young at the same time.  I can remember so many late nights in high school watching it with friends when we were over at someone's house or just coming home after being out and watching it on the couch until I fell asleep.  Of course, the cast looked more like this in those days....

And then in college--watching it in a bean bag on the floor of Steve's apartment every weekend.  That was just our Saturday night THING.  Those were the years of Eddie Murphy and Billy Crystal and we loved it! was so much fun reliving all those good times.  Plus there were so many great skits that were performed live on Sunday night that were really funny, too.

And then the next night, we watched the Stevie Wonder Tribute.  I loved that too!!  He has always been one of my favorites and I had the best time listening to everyone sing his music and tell their stories about him.

I am so glad I grew up in the 70's.  I had the BEST childhood and high school years.  Such sweet and happy memories! looks like school will be back in session tomorrow and everything will be back to normal.  It is still so cold here and we may get a little more snow this weekend.  I hope it won't be too bad, because I know two cutie pies who have birthdays this weekend and I can't wait to celebrate with them!

Stay warm!!

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