Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Wow.  December was so busy and so crazy and so full of activity.

I haven't had a minute to think, much less blog.  So today is my attempt to recap everything a few of the highlights of our Christmas season since tomorrow IS the last day of 2014!

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season this year was taking David and Caroline to the mall to see Santa Claus.  Oh my word....they were SO excited!!

I think these pictures pretty much capture it....

There is nothing cuter...seriously!

Another fun thing we did in December was take Steve's mom to the Biltmore House in Asheville.  It was her birthday present from last year, but we never got a chance to go until this month.  The Biltmore House was built in 1895 by George Vanderbilt.  It has over four acres of floor space, including 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces!  It also has gorgeous gardens, a winery, restaurants, and stores.  And at Christmas time, it is decorated to the hilt!  I am a huge Downton Abbey fan and the whole time we were touring, I kept thinking about how much this house reminded me of the house on that show!  It really was beautiful and we had a fun day!

The second weekend in December, Laura and Lindy and I took a girls' trip to New York!  You know how much I love NYC and I had never been at Christmastime, so we were so excited to go!  Christmas in New York definitely lives up to the hype.  It was so magical and festive and totally decked out for the holidays.  A few of my favorite parts of the trip were seeing the Rockefeller tree all lit up and beautiful....

Watching ice skating in Bryant Park and getting hot cider and hot chocolate on the street....

Saks Fifth Avenue light show....

Seeing the Rockettes perform in their Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall....

The New York Public Library Christmas tree....

And just hanging out with my girls....

We have done lots of the usual fun things at home, too, like spending time with our grandkids, looking at Christmas lights, and watching Christmas movies on the couch with Rocky.

Steve's mom was so sweet and had the kids over to bake Christmas cookies one day.  They had the best time!  She told us she was going to start making that an annual tradition.

We had Christmas Eve at our house this year.  I was so glad my mom was feeling good and got to enjoy all our fun.  We had my brother Brent and his family over and two of my mom's sisters came.  Plus my Aunt Francine, who is 91 and still as spunky as ever, came in from Texas!  We went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service and then came back to our house for appetizers and cider and dessert.

Christmas morning we had a very full house.  It was lots of people and lots of presents and lots of love and family time.  I gave my mom a book I had made on Shutterfly full of all our family pictures from the past few years and Laura wrote my parents a sweet poem and had it framed.  She writes for a living now and she does it well!

Then we wrapped up Christmas night with another round of fun at Steve's mom's house.  It was appetizers and the Stingy Santa game!  We are so blessed with such a wonderful family!

After Christmas, I was exhausted!  Over the next few days we cleaned up the boxes and paper and bows and tried to relax for a little while.

On December 27th, we had our 15th annual Chili and Cheer with our neighbors.  This was the first year that several of our group couldn't be there, but we still had fun.  We sure do love our neighbors and all the memories we've shared with them through the years.
So that was our December!  We had lots of fun and made so many sweet memories.  I loved every minute of it!


  1. We went to NYC for the first time in October for our 25th anniversary. We want to take our daughter there for her high school graduation trip.
    Do you have tips on staying there and getting around the city?
    We stayed at a very nice hotel near Rockefeller Center, but I don't know if we'll be able to stay at the same place.
    Anyway, any tips would be so appreciated.
    I love reading your blog!

  2. Hi Betsy,
    Found your blog from Kelly's Korner. You have such a precious family.. love reading about your adventures and the twins fashion. Where-ever did Lindy/Laura (sorry I can't tell them apart) buy her adorable gold polka dot beanie hat? Love it. Thanks.


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