Sunday, November 16, 2014

You Never Know never know what a day is going to hold for you.  Thursday morning, I woke up and got ready for another beautiful fall day.  I was thinking about the holidays and who was bringing what to Thanksgiving dinner and what Christmas presents I still needed to get.  I got to school and got the day going and had just taken my class to Music when I got a call from Ashley saying my mom had been taken to the ER with intense stomach and chest pain.

I told my principal the situation and she was so sweet and told me to go right away!  She gave me a big hug and prayed with me and told me not to worry one minute about my class--they would be taken care of.  When I got to the hospital, my mom was in so much pain.   Apparently, she had something similar to an intestinal blockage.  The doctors were there with my dad and my brothers and everyone was deciding what to do.  The problem with my mom is that she already has ALS, so any decisions we make have to take that into consideration.  The doctor thought the surgery would probably go well, but the problem would be when she had to come off the ventilator after surgery was over.  Would her lungs be strong enough to do that on their own?  We didn't know.  And there was the possibility that they wouldn't.  Saying goodbye to my mom as she was rolled into surgery was very scary since we were unsure of what condition she would be in when she came out.

We had so many people praying for her already though, and we knew that she was in God's hands.  And He was so good to us.  He answered our prayers.  The surgery went as well as it could have and she was able to come off the ventilator within a day!  Today when I went to see her she was sitting up in bed trying to fix her hair and had already gotten up to walk around a little bit!  We are so thankful.

My mom had to have emergency surgery yesterday. Needless to say, it has been a very stressful 24 hours. Her body is already compromised by ALS so anything like this is extra hard. But it has been such a blessing to see all the people who love her so much who have come by and prayed over her and told her, "My life is different because you were a part of it. Thank you for telling me about The Lord and loving me through the years." Thanking God today for being with us even on the hard days and for sweet friends who take the time to brighten our day.

Saturday we kept David, Caroline and Will while Ashley and John ran a 5K.  Ashley has been working so hard to get her baby weight off.  She has been running almost every day since June and it has paid off!  She looks great and she even beat John's time.  I am so proud of her!  It was absolutely FREEZING here on Saturday morning, so they are all bundled up!

While they were gone, we fixed breakfast for everyone.  Steve had bought David a really fun track and they played with it all morning.  

And this little pumpkin is getting so big and sitting up all by himself now!

Caroline wanted to read lots of books and that is fine with me.  She was so soft and snuggely in her little footie pajamas.

This weekend was also Ashley and John's five year anniversary.  They sure have gone through a lot of life changes in these five years with jobs and mortgages and three babies!  I will always remember the day they got married and how pretty Ashley looked and what a beautiful fall day it was!  I am so happy for them and thankful they have a happy marriage.

And, speaking of fall days....oh my word!  I cannot get over my neighborhood right now.  Seriously...driving through it this weekend was just as good as a trip to the mountains.  The middle of November is definitely the peak of fall beauty here in Charlotte!  I have to share a little bit with you. the countdown begins until the HOLIDAYS!!  Woo hoo!  I am so excited about that.  Last night Steve and I went out to dinner and then went to the mall and walked around looking at all the Christmas decorations and doing a little window shopping.  It is such a fun time of the year and I have so much to be thankful for.  

I already have my Christmas music playing and I am so ready for all my kids to be home and for parties, decorating, good food, Christmas movies, cold weather, and lots of magical fun.  Bring it on! 

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  1. I hope your mother enjoys a speedy recovery, and that you all have continued peace about the situation. I always enjoy your posts.


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