Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sweet Baby Boy

We had such a nice weekend.  I got the sweetest little note on Friday before I left school from one of my students.

The weather was gorgeous here this weekend.  Our neighborhood is starting to look so pretty.  Every time I drive through-it in any season really-it just amazes me with it's beauty.

We had lots of down time, which was much needed.  We just relaxed and hung out at home a lot.

I got some early Christmas shopping done on Saturday morning in my pajamas with coffee in hand.  THAT is my favorite kind of Christmas shopping! :)

I tried to get my Christmas cards done, but they still need a little more work.

Ashley brought the kids over on Saturday and we spent some time outside with them.

And on Saturday night we went to dinner with my brother, Brent and his wife, Britney.  We knew she was due this week, so we wanted to squeeze in dinner with them before their lives got crazy.  I am so glad we did, because she had a sweet baby boy yesterday!!

He is so precious with a head full of black hair and little round cheeks.

They already have two little girls, so they are beyond excited to have this little boy.  There is just something so sweet and special about little boys.  I love all my girls so much, but I think there is a special bond between boys and their mommies.  They are in for so many fun things.  It was a happy day.


  1. What a beautiful baby! I'm so glad that you're posting more often now!

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