Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkins and Conferences

This week was our Parent-Teacher Conferences.  When I first started teaching, I honestly used to dread them.  But, over time, they have become something I really enjoy!  I always feel like I know my students so much better after I get the chance to sit down and talk with their parents for a while.  And parents get a chance to know me better and know my heart.  One of the things that I love about teaching in a Christian school is that I get to pray with parents.  That is such a privilege for me and I'm pretty sure most parents love hearing their child prayed over.  So it has been a good few days.

When I had a break for a few minutes today, I met Ashley and Caroline for lunch at McAlister's.  Caroline has pink eye, so she couldn't go to school today. It is fun getting to do things with just one child at a time.  That hardly ever happens!  She is my sweet girl.  I sure do love her!!

I think I told you in my last post about how jealous I was that Laura got to go to the NYC taping of Michael Buble's holiday show?  I'm really just kidding (sort of.)  Anyway...she ended up having the BEST time and said the show was amazing  Here is the picture she took inside Radio City Music Hall.

Isn't it beautiful??  Apparently, Michael Buble thought it was pretty good too!  Haha!

Anyway...I can't wait to see it on TV!

Since we have had conferences this week, I haven't had to go into work as early as I usually do.  Because of that, I have been able to stay up later!  Yay!

Last night I went with a few friends from school to see the Nicholas Sparks movie, The Best Of Me and then out to dinner.  That movie was your typical Nicholas Sparks fare (predictable and melodramatic)  with a little bit of a depressing ending.  But it was fun getting together for girl time right in the middle of the week! I love my teacher friends!

And a few nights ago, we carved our pumpkin.  Even though we don't have kids at home any more, it is still fun!  The flowers at our little pumpkin stand were so bright and pretty!  Lindy took this picture, but to me it almost looks like someone stuck a pumpkin sticker on a picture of purple flowers!

We put on some music and made hot apple cider and got to work.

Every time I carve a pumpkin now, I think about the first year we carved a pumpkin with David.  He was only about 20 months old and we thought he would have so much fun, but he gagged when we started taking all the seeds out!!  Ashley and I laughed so hard!!  I literally thought he was going to throw up.  So funny.

I don't like scary faces, so our jack-o-lanterns are always happy!

And this weekend is our annual trip to the mountains with our neighbors.  We have been going for years and we always have so much fun.  But this year it is going to be SO COLD!!

Oh my word....I think I'm going to need my Uggs and lots of hot chocolate!


  1. I'm jealous of Laura seeing Michael Buble's holiday special too! He is the best!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Looking forward to seeing that holiday special too. My Michael Buble Christmas cd is playing all of December!

  3. Always love your updates! Went to Lazy Five Ranch last week with Terri Greenleaf and Leslie Brackman! You guys have a great staff!!!!


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