Thursday, August 7, 2014


Well, the countdown is officially on.  I am not just counting down weeks until school starts.  It is now only days!!  Wahhhhhhh!!!

I know it is still hot as blue blazes outside, but for me, the middle of August is when I have to say goodbye to summer.

I do this with great sadness.  Summer is probably my favorite season and it is so short!  I saw the other day that August is like one long Sunday night.  So true!!

On the other hand, I love fall and I really do love my job, so I am looking forward to the start of this new year.  I got my class list this week and I already know lots of the boys and girls who are going to be in my class because I have had their older brothers and sisters.  I know we are going to have a fun year together.  I have already starting planning and my mind has been spinning with ideas of things I want to do with them.

In the meantime, we have been soaking up the last few days of summer.

Friday night we took Mark out for hamburgers and froyo.  There are some little shops and restaurants near our house that have live music on Friday and Saturday nights, so we enjoy going over there when we can.

On Sunday after church I made us a big taco salad and Ashley brought the kids over for lunch.  They are always wide open!!  David pretty much thinks Uncle Mark hung the moon.  He wants to wrestle and play ball in the street and not wear shirts and stuff like that because "that's what boys do"!

He is a mess sometimes and totally into being a "boy" right now.  Bless his heart...he doesn't have any personality at all. ;)

But he can turn on the charm and sweetness, too.

And, Caroline is pretty much his biggest fan.  She admires him and thinks he is the funniest thing!  I LOVE seeing them interact together.  I can seriously hardly take the cuteness of this picture.

I sure do love them!

Meanwhile, this cutie is the most laid back child you've ever met in your whole life...

Anyway, Sunday night Steve and I went to see James Taylor.  My kids gave me tickets for my birthday because they know what their mama likes!   There is probably nothing I love more than sitting outside on a summer night at a JT concert!  We saw so many friends there, too.  I am definitely not the only one who loves him!  That was just so much fun.

This week has been full of running errands, trying to get all my ducks in a row for next week, and spending as much time as I can enjoying being outside and soaking up summer.

Before I go, though, I have to share something with you that makes me laugh every time I see it.  Ashley doesn't have a blog, but she does have Instagram, so I am stealing her IG post!  Here is what she wrote...

"Tummy time for all!  And Will is sporting his standard "Save me!" face."     Hahaha!!  Oh my gosh...this picture!

Happy Thursday! :)


  1. Ha Ha Will's face!!!! That Caroline is a doll baby!!!!!!!


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