Friday, July 11, 2014

Still Just Doing Life

Well...I am still here!  I have just been busy doing life.  So busy, in fact, that this little blog has taken a seat WAY at the bottom of my priority list lately.  And that's okay!  I will just check in here when I can and take the pressure off myself to post daily or weekly or even monthly.  After all....this blog is really just a way to preserve my memories and I do that a lot on Instagram and Facebook.  So, hopefully I will still have a way to look back on the past few months and remember everything that went on! is your summer going?  This summer I have been absolutely soaking up the slower pace and the sunshine and all the things that I love so much about summer.   It is my favorite season and I love every minute of it.

I have lots of things to share about what I have been up to, but I will start with our week at the beach last week.

One of the things I love about where I live is that it only takes about three hours to get to the beach and it takes less than that to get to the mountains!  Almost every year since I was a little girl, I have gone to the beach in the summer and I have so many wonderful memories there.  So, I am loving the fact that now that Ashley has three kids, we can take them to the beach with us and start making lots of fun memories with them!

All of us drove down the Saturday before July 4th.  Unfortunately, John couldn't come with us this year.  He has just started a new job and couldn't get the time off.  And Mark is in Santiago, Chile doing an internship, so he wasn't able to join us either.  But Sean came with Lindy and Laura flew in from Boston, so we still had a pretty big group!

Our week was very low key.  With three little ones, it is hard to go out and do much.  We mostly just hung out at the beach every day...all day!   And at night, we cooked easy meals in the condo and then watched TV or played cards or walked on the beach.  Ashley was a trouper trying to juggle all three kids, but we helped her a lot, so that made it easier.  They looked ADORABLE in their matching bathing suits!

David and Caroline had the BEST time.  Last year, David was a little skeptical about the ocean, but this year he couldn't get enough of jumping the waves and building sand castles!  Sean was so sweet.  He played with David every day and David loved it.  He said, "Sean, you're my best dude!!"  :)

And Caroline wasn't afraid of anything.  She went right into the ocean and had a ball.  She is such a spunky little thing.  One morning I woke up around 7:00 and she already had her bathing suit on!  She was ready to go!

Will (otherwise known as "Sweetest Baby On The Planet"), was an angel.  Every day we would keep him under the umbrella and he would sleep or we would bounce him so he could look at everything.  He is only three months old, but he literally didn't make a peep!  I sure do love that sweetie pie!

Laura and Lindy had fun seeing each other and Laura was soaking in every minute of her vacation.  It's hard being a working girl in the big city! :)  They love their sister time!

And Lindy was so glad Sean got to come.  We love having him with us!  He is a perfect fit for Lindy.  And, like I told you, he was David's favorite playmate!

We played putt-putt....

Played cards....

Spent lots of quality time...

And just had fun.

On the fourth of July, we flew a kite and watched a pretty amazing fireworks show on the beach...

It was a really fun week!!

But we have also had a heavy heart lately for some people we love.  Sean's dad has been so very sick with cancer this summer.  It has been one set back after another.  We are praying every day that God will heal him, but if He chooses not to, we are just praying for peace and comfort.  It is hard to watch someone go through all the things he has had to endure.

And, an update on my mom....she is doing really well right now.  We have explored every option we can, and we have pretty much determined that she does indeed have ALS.  We know that this is a very grim diagnosis, but we are accepting it and she is continuing to be joyful and do the best she can in the moment.  She still has so many things she is able to do and she has not progressed very much right now, so we are so thankful.  It is just one of those things that we will take one day at a time!

I refuse to let sadness or difficulty get me down.  I still have so much joy and so many fun things to look forward to in my life!  My sweet friend, Alise, has rheumatoid arthritis.  She is a beautiful young mom of three adorable children.  She shared this on her Facebook the other day and I loved it....

I encourage you today that whatever mountain you are facing or sea that feels like it is drowning you, to try and look up to God and see His sovereignty, His goodness, His mercy, His comfort, and His faithfulness to carry you through it. Then see how He can use you to love others who have dealt with something similar. He always makes a way! God is so good, he's so good to me! 

I feel the exact same way! 

There are lots of other things that we have been doing this summer.  I want to tell you all about those, too.  Hopefully I will be able to post about them soon!


  1. Betsy, the picture of your three babies in matching swimsuits was precious. Caroline is just darling!! Know you all had a great time! So sorry about your Mom's diagnosis. Praying she can get the help she needs as it goes along. Prayers for you because I know it is tough to have your Mama ill.

  2. So love it when you post Betsy! You have such a beautiful family and you know how cute I think your grands are! We will be taking our family beach trip in a few weeks. I always look forward to that time at the beach with all of them. Love the kids matching swimsuits! Ashley seems to do a GREAT job with the three of them!! Enjoy the rest of your summer! I'm sure I'll see you this fall at school! Angela

  3. I have loved reading your sweet thoughts on your family and life! Glad that you had a nice beach vacation! Those are the best! You have my prayers for your loved ones who have health challenges right now. Enjoy the slower days of summer!:)

  4. Love all of these pictures of your sweet family. Your beach pictures make me so excited for our beach vacay in August!

    I'll be praying for Sean's father.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, Betsy!! <3


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