Sunday, February 9, 2014

Keep Going

This has been my motto this week...

We have been going non-stop.  It has just been one of those fast and furious times at our house. 
So...I am glad to be back.

Last weekend, we got a new chair for our den.  Steve and I have been joking that now we have "Memaw and Papaw" chairs.  But hey...I am loving them, so whatever!  And they got here just in time for the Super Bowl!  

Did you do anything for the Super Bowl?  This was the first year in so long that we haven't either had a little party at our house or gone somewhere to watch with friends or family.  And we actually liked it!  We were able to really watch the game and the commercials.  Plus, the Seahawks won, so Steve was very happy!  He is a huge Russell Wilson fan since he played for NC State.  Plus, Steve's company is based in Portland, so he has a little bit more connection with the Pacific Northwest now.

Any night involving football and Mexican layered dip sounds like a pretty good night to me!

This week was such a busy week at school!  Good gracious!  I tutored on Tuesday afternoon, had a grade level meeting on Wednesday afternoon, and on Thursday afternoon I stayed late to help our students get ready for the upcoming Spelling Bee.  Thursday night, we went to dinner with all the third grade teachers and had a really nice time, but it was a late night.  And we also started a new unit on the Olympics (which I am so excited about!)  Even when my school weeks are crazy busy and exhausting, though, I still love it.

One of the things I love about teaching is that my students always do cute or sweet things to surprise me.  During Bible time this week, we had been talking about doing things to brighten up someone else's day and encourage others.  Then, I was straightening up my desks after school one afternoon and I  found the sweetest note that one little girl had written to another. Awww....they really are listening! :)

When I was driving home on Friday afternoon, I literally almost felt achy from being so tired. was THAT kind of week.  I was definitely too tired to cook dinner, so Steve took us out to Cajun Yard Dog.  He is the best!

And, I got my favorite dessert there...bread pudding!  That made everything all better.

Ashley and David had a stomach bug this weekend, so we couldn't see them.  We felt so bad for them, but Steve didn't want to get sick since he is leaving for Portland for this whole week.  But I sure did miss these sweet little faces.

Seriously.  Stop. the. CUTENESS!!!

And, do you want to see how Rocky stays warm on these cold winter nights?

My dog is crazy, y'all.  He will sit still like this for a long time!! Haha!

So, that is about it for what we've been up to lately.  We are enjoying our Sunday and trying to get ready for a new week!  We heard it may snow again this week!  We will see. :)

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  1. Tell your Hubs to pack for cold weather. We have been snow/iced in for 4 days in Portland!


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