Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's A Marshmallow World

Well, Snowmaggedon actually DID come to Charlotte!  It has snowed and snowed and SNOWED!  It snowed the most I can remember in a really long time!  We got about 10 inches total here.  We had three straight days of at least an inch or more of snow and we haven't had that in 136 years here!

It was so pretty and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I was sad that Steve wasn't here, though.  He couldn't get back from Portland because all the flights into Charlotte were cancelled all day.  And it is looking like he won't be able to get back tomorrow either.  His flight is booked for Saturday morning.  Boo!!!

So, it has just been Lindy and me over the past few days.  But, we have been having fun together! Yesterday we went out for a little while to go on a walk.  It was sleeting while we were out and the sleet was pelting us in the face so we didn't stay out too long.  Haha!

We started putting a puzzle together....

and we made a snowman today.

We have been visiting with our neighbors and have been watching lots of Netflix and Olympics.  We made a roast in our crock pot all day yesterday and the house smelled so good.  Then we had some snow cream for dessert!

Tonight, we are making taco soup and I may bake some cookies for dessert.  Then we are meeting up with our neighbors to play cards and go sledding!

Today I found a neat app called Waterlogue and it turns your picture into a watercolor.  I tried it on a picture of my house in the snow and loved it!

It almost looks like something you could frame!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be warmer and I am sure the snow and ice will melt a lot.  It has been such a nice few days.  I feel so blessed to have this unexpected break!  I love snow days! :)


  1. That's crazy! We were in Matthews on Monday and it was like any other day. Y'all are so sweet together!

  2. We have loved it also!!! I live in Mt Holly and am a long time reader of your blog. Such a nice break from the norm to be "snowed in!"

  3. Ahhhhh beautiful! I'm so glad you've had some nice, slow-paced days. So sorry your husband wasn't home with you though. :)

    I NEED that watercolor app--so pretty! You should definitely print and frame!


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