Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!  Well, the snow melted and we all went back to school and it is actually even kind of warm here today.

Thursday we had a two hour delay so the day went so fast!  Thursday night, we met our neighbors out for dinner.  Here we are about to walk out the door....

Our neighbors are Indian and just recently moved to our neighborhood.  They invited us over for dinner at their house one night, so we wanted to take them out this time.  We went to an Indian restaurant called The Blue Taj and it was really good!  We have no idea what to order at Indian restaurants, so we let them pick out everything for us.  It was all very yummy.

Do you like Indian food?

Last night we went over to Ashley's to see David and Caroline.  They are just a joy to me.  I have so much fun hanging out with them and watching them change and grow every day.

Caroline is walking so well now and she is starting to act like a little toddler instead of a baby.  Her little smile that shows her little baby teeth just kills me.  And she gets so excited when we come over and reaches for me to hold her.  I love that! And David is so sweet and fun.  He makes me laugh with his cute comments and all the things he thinks about.

This picture of Caroline looks sooo much like Ashley when she was little!!

I wanted to share two links with you that I read this week that I thought were so good!  The first one was called The Disease That Will Destroy Your Home  and it is about what having a critical spirit can do in your life...whether you are being critical to your spouse or your children, or whoever.  I just thought it was so true.

And this.  A really good read for teachers.

And one more thing.  Have you ever heard of Project 365?  I think there are a lot of different versions of it, but the one I have is an app on my phone.  I found it last year in mid-March.  It is where you take one picture every day.  It can be something big or little.  Just anything that kind of stood out to you about that day.  It is really easy since I always have my phone with me.  I have been doing it for almost a year now and I am so glad I did!  I love being able to look back at the month with a glance and see what I did and just look at the month as a whole.

I took all the months I have done (starting with April) and made them into a photo collage.  Here are the ones I have done so far.

Isn't that cool?  In just a couple more months I will have a whole year documented.  I love that!  Even if I didn't blog that day or Instagram or tweet anything, I still have at least one picture of the day with a few words about what was happening.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl.  I am pulling for the Seahawks.  We aren't doing anything special, but I am looking forward to watching the game and having a fun night!

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  1. Hi Betsy! Love your little corner of the www. I hope I can still blog and be as connected as you are when I am at your stage in life. You inspire me :) Have a happy Monday!



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