Monday, February 17, 2014

The Weekend

We had a good weekend.  Lindy and I woke up on Saturday morning and went to our new favorite place, Toast, for brunch.  It is funny because last Sunday we went there right after Steve left for Portland, and then we ended the week there again while we were waiting for him to get home.

Steve finally made it home from Phoenix on Saturday afternoon.  I was so happy to see him.  He left last Sunday and was in Portland most of the week, but then he got stuck in Phoenix on his way back because of the snow and couldn't get home.  It seemed like a long week without him!

Since we didn't get to celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday, we went out on Saturday night.  He always treats me like a queen.  We went out to dinner at Bricktops and then went for dessert at a little place downtown.  It was such a nice night.

Yesterday we went to church and then Ashley asked if we could keep David and Caroline for a little while.  They are the sweetest things and we love spending time with them.  We fixed them lunch and then took them to the mall for a little while.  We played on the little indoor playground and went to the Disney store.  They are just fun to hang out with.  (And adorable and kissable, too.)

This weekend I ran across several blog posts that were so good.  I love the blog world because there are some really good writers out there who are able to communicate things that I think so many people are going through.  And they do it so well!  Anyway...this was one of the best things I've read in a while on being a mom of older kids.  It was called Dear Lonely Mom of Older Kids.   I would have said the exact same things as she did if I could write this well! hit the nail on the head!

This is the last day of my super long break!  I have been so spoiled.  I am about to spend the rest of the day just enjoying the sunshine and having fun before it's back to reality tomorrow!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's A Marshmallow World

Well, Snowmaggedon actually DID come to Charlotte!  It has snowed and snowed and SNOWED!  It snowed the most I can remember in a really long time!  We got about 10 inches total here.  We had three straight days of at least an inch or more of snow and we haven't had that in 136 years here!

It was so pretty and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I was sad that Steve wasn't here, though.  He couldn't get back from Portland because all the flights into Charlotte were cancelled all day.  And it is looking like he won't be able to get back tomorrow either.  His flight is booked for Saturday morning.  Boo!!!

So, it has just been Lindy and me over the past few days.  But, we have been having fun together! Yesterday we went out for a little while to go on a walk.  It was sleeting while we were out and the sleet was pelting us in the face so we didn't stay out too long.  Haha!

We started putting a puzzle together....

and we made a snowman today.

We have been visiting with our neighbors and have been watching lots of Netflix and Olympics.  We made a roast in our crock pot all day yesterday and the house smelled so good.  Then we had some snow cream for dessert!

Tonight, we are making taco soup and I may bake some cookies for dessert.  Then we are meeting up with our neighbors to play cards and go sledding!

Today I found a neat app called Waterlogue and it turns your picture into a watercolor.  I tried it on a picture of my house in the snow and loved it!

It almost looks like something you could frame!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be warmer and I am sure the snow and ice will melt a lot.  It has been such a nice few days.  I feel so blessed to have this unexpected break!  I love snow days! :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Snowy Day

Well, apparently "Snowmageddon" is on it's way to Charlotte tomorrow.  It started snowing here this morning and it didn't stop the whole day.  We got out of school at noon and my kids were totally beside themselves they were so excited!  This is what it looked like out of my window at school early this morning.

We weren't the only school to get out early, so it took me over an hour to get home because the traffic was c-razy!!

My neighborhood was so pretty today.  I love living here because it is very wooded and it really looks beautiful in every season!  I know lots of people don't love winter, but I think winter has a certain beauty to it.  I am so glad I live somewhere that has distinct seasons!

Once I finally made it home, Lindy and I ran some errands together before the streets got too icy.

We stocked up on some yummy snow day food and I mailed my Valentine's Day packages to Mark and Laura.  I am just hoping Steve can make it home from Portland on Thursday.  We are supposed to get about 5-8 inches of snow here with a layer of ice on top tomorrow!  I don't think we will make it back to school this week.  I have never missed a Valentine's Day at school before but I don't think the roads will be safe on Friday.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I walked out of my house yesterday and the sky was seriously SO pink!!

It was still pretty dark outside, so this is not the best quality.  But I thought it looked like a valentine! :)

Anyway...I am planning on watching some movies and doing some reading and watching the Olympics over the next few days.

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I have to admit, even though I am pulling for the USA, I thought this story  about Alex Bilodeau from Canada was so sweet and inspiring!

And, I think the commercials during the Olympics are even better than the ones during the Super Bowl! My favorite is the Procter and Gamble one about moms.  I think all moms can relate to it.

I was so sad today to hear that Shirley Temple died.  She was the cutest thing and looked so much like my mom did when she was a little girl.

I just love her wholesome movies and I love that she was a public servant and that even though she was a child star and famous, she stayed married to her husband for 55 years!

I am off to enjoy my night knowing I can sleep in tomorrow.  This winter has been so crazy.  I think we have only had one full week of school since Christmas?  I will let you know how it goes the next few days!  I am just praying that our power doesn't go out!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Keep Going

This has been my motto this week...

We have been going non-stop.  It has just been one of those fast and furious times at our house. 
So...I am glad to be back.

Last weekend, we got a new chair for our den.  Steve and I have been joking that now we have "Memaw and Papaw" chairs.  But hey...I am loving them, so whatever!  And they got here just in time for the Super Bowl!  

Did you do anything for the Super Bowl?  This was the first year in so long that we haven't either had a little party at our house or gone somewhere to watch with friends or family.  And we actually liked it!  We were able to really watch the game and the commercials.  Plus, the Seahawks won, so Steve was very happy!  He is a huge Russell Wilson fan since he played for NC State.  Plus, Steve's company is based in Portland, so he has a little bit more connection with the Pacific Northwest now.

Any night involving football and Mexican layered dip sounds like a pretty good night to me!

This week was such a busy week at school!  Good gracious!  I tutored on Tuesday afternoon, had a grade level meeting on Wednesday afternoon, and on Thursday afternoon I stayed late to help our students get ready for the upcoming Spelling Bee.  Thursday night, we went to dinner with all the third grade teachers and had a really nice time, but it was a late night.  And we also started a new unit on the Olympics (which I am so excited about!)  Even when my school weeks are crazy busy and exhausting, though, I still love it.

One of the things I love about teaching is that my students always do cute or sweet things to surprise me.  During Bible time this week, we had been talking about doing things to brighten up someone else's day and encourage others.  Then, I was straightening up my desks after school one afternoon and I  found the sweetest note that one little girl had written to another. Awww....they really are listening! :)

When I was driving home on Friday afternoon, I literally almost felt achy from being so tired. was THAT kind of week.  I was definitely too tired to cook dinner, so Steve took us out to Cajun Yard Dog.  He is the best!

And, I got my favorite dessert there...bread pudding!  That made everything all better.

Ashley and David had a stomach bug this weekend, so we couldn't see them.  We felt so bad for them, but Steve didn't want to get sick since he is leaving for Portland for this whole week.  But I sure did miss these sweet little faces.

Seriously.  Stop. the. CUTENESS!!!

And, do you want to see how Rocky stays warm on these cold winter nights?

My dog is crazy, y'all.  He will sit still like this for a long time!! Haha!

So, that is about it for what we've been up to lately.  We are enjoying our Sunday and trying to get ready for a new week!  We heard it may snow again this week!  We will see. :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday!  Well, the snow melted and we all went back to school and it is actually even kind of warm here today.

Thursday we had a two hour delay so the day went so fast!  Thursday night, we met our neighbors out for dinner.  Here we are about to walk out the door....

Our neighbors are Indian and just recently moved to our neighborhood.  They invited us over for dinner at their house one night, so we wanted to take them out this time.  We went to an Indian restaurant called The Blue Taj and it was really good!  We have no idea what to order at Indian restaurants, so we let them pick out everything for us.  It was all very yummy.

Do you like Indian food?

Last night we went over to Ashley's to see David and Caroline.  They are just a joy to me.  I have so much fun hanging out with them and watching them change and grow every day.

Caroline is walking so well now and she is starting to act like a little toddler instead of a baby.  Her little smile that shows her little baby teeth just kills me.  And she gets so excited when we come over and reaches for me to hold her.  I love that! And David is so sweet and fun.  He makes me laugh with his cute comments and all the things he thinks about.

This picture of Caroline looks sooo much like Ashley when she was little!!

I wanted to share two links with you that I read this week that I thought were so good!  The first one was called The Disease That Will Destroy Your Home  and it is about what having a critical spirit can do in your life...whether you are being critical to your spouse or your children, or whoever.  I just thought it was so true.

And this.  A really good read for teachers.

And one more thing.  Have you ever heard of Project 365?  I think there are a lot of different versions of it, but the one I have is an app on my phone.  I found it last year in mid-March.  It is where you take one picture every day.  It can be something big or little.  Just anything that kind of stood out to you about that day.  It is really easy since I always have my phone with me.  I have been doing it for almost a year now and I am so glad I did!  I love being able to look back at the month with a glance and see what I did and just look at the month as a whole.

I took all the months I have done (starting with April) and made them into a photo collage.  Here are the ones I have done so far.

Isn't that cool?  In just a couple more months I will have a whole year documented.  I love that!  Even if I didn't blog that day or Instagram or tweet anything, I still have at least one picture of the day with a few words about what was happening.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl.  I am pulling for the Seahawks.  We aren't doing anything special, but I am looking forward to watching the game and having a fun night!