Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Sunday

We are now on day 5 of sick people in our house.  Steve has been sick since New Year's Day with fever, chills, cough....all that stuff.  I'm pretty sure it's the flu.  Lindy has been sick, too, but not quite as bad.  This is what our counter top looks like these days with all the medicine.

And, yes, we still have Christmas stuff up.  Lindy wouldn't let me take it down yet.  I have never left it up this long before, but I have to admit I am kind of still enjoying it.  Next weekend we will put it all away!

Today was soooo cold and rainy and dreary.  This was what it looked like out my window today.

No snow, but such a wintery day.

I went to church by myself.  It was the first Sunday of the year, so it was the week that our pastor cast his vision and set goals for the year.   It was so good and I am excited about the great things we have in store at our church.

We watched the Green Bay Packers and San Fransisco play in the "Frozen Tundra Bowl".  :)  I can't even imagine playing football with a wind chill of -10 degrees!  Those fans are die hard!

I am so excited about the premiere of Downton Abbey tonight!

I got everything done and all ready for bed so I can watch it.  It doesn't get over until 11:00 and that is late for me on a school night, but it is going to be worth it!

Lindy made a yummy blueberry crisp, so I am off to get me some and settle in for one of my favorite shows!

Tomorrow is my first day back.  I have loved my Christmas break so much, but I am looking forward to seeing all my sweet kids!

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