Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Fun

We have had a good weekend.  Friday was a half day for us at school since it is the end of the quarter.  I can't believe that the school year is already half over!!  This is my desk--where I spend lots of my time each week...especially when it is report card time!

Friday night Steve and I decided to go out to dinner and then see a movie.  We were debating about whether to see The Secret Life of Walter Middy, American Hustle, or Lone Survivor.  We kept hearing mixed reviews on the first two, but I know Lone Survivor is pretty graphic and kind of a "guy movie", so I wasn't sure if I would like it or not.  We were debating what to see right up to the minute we got up to the ticket booth.  We finally decided and asked for two tickets to Lone Survivor and they told us they were sold out!  Oh well.  It was probably for the best because we were both so exhausted from our week that we fell asleep at 9:30 anyway!  Haha!  We are just a barrel of fun on Friday nights.  Good grief!  Have you seen any of these movies?  What did you think?

Saturday was pretty much a working day for us.  I had to finish report cards and Steve was working on a big project at work, so we got up early and went to Starbucks.  Lindy joined us for a little while, too.  We got a lot done, so I was glad we did that.

We kept David and Caroline last night so Ashley and John could go out on a date.  They are at such a fun age right now.  David just talks and talks and is the cutest thing.  We played cars and had dinner and they splashed in the bathtub.  After his bath we made some cookies and ice cream and watched a movie.  There is nothing sweeter than a freshly bathed child!

And Caroline is so good natured.  She rarely cries and acts like such a big girl.  She wants to do everything David does.

She also loves playing with Grandaddy's beard!

It won't be long until she is really walking.  She is already starting to take about 10-15 steps at a time.

This morning was church.  I had to share Ashley's picture of her and Caroline in their pea coats on their way out the door.

I can't believe in only a few months, we will have three grandbabies!  It is so much fun.  We talk about it all the time how much we love being grandparents.

We don't have school tomorrow.  We are having Steve's mom over for dinner and then watching the Seahawks v. 49ers game.  I will be taking a break at 9 for  Downton Abbey.  (Last week was so intense!!) Sunday nights are much more fun when I don't have school the next day!

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  1. I agree with you about Sunday nights being so much better when we don't have school on Monday. I'm hoping that Downton Abbey will not be so intense this week.


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