Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day

We finally got a snow day here in Charlotte!  Yay!! We had an early dismissal from school yesterday so, needless to say, I had some excited third graders on my hands.  We hardly ever get snow, so it is BIG deal and so exciting for kids (and grown-ups, too!).  I remember when I was little how much I LOVED snow days, and I still do!

We didn't get very much snow, but the hill across the street from our house was perfect for sledding.

Watching them out my window made me miss the days when my kids were little and had so much fun sledding and building snowmen and snow forts.  But I don't miss spending all that time bundling them up only to have them come back inside just minutes later.  And I don't miss all the wet boots, coats, hats, and scarves that are all over the floor by the front door.

I really wish I could have seen David and Caroline today, but the roads were too bad out where Ashley lives.  I know they had such a fun day in the snow!

We have had a very relaxing day here at home.  Steve had to work from home, so Lindy and I have just been sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and watching our shows and not doing a whole lot.

Speaking of watching our shows...this past weekend had so many shows we wanted to watch, that we had to DVR several of them and watch them later.  But we DID watch The Bachelor Wedding on Sunday night.  I am not a Bachelor watcher at all, but Lindy is.   And, I have been reading Mix and Match Mama's blog for a while and just recently discovered that she is Sean's sister!!???  I know...where have I been?  So, I had to watch the wedding!  But if you also watched the Bachelor Wedding, you HAVE to read this recap by Schaeffer (who is best friends with Sean's sister Shay.)  Oh my word....sooo funny!!

Anyway...we ventured out this afternoon to get our nails done and the roads weren't too bad.  There were a few patches that were still icy.  Tomorrow it is a two hour delay at school, so we get another day to sleep in!

Tonight it is supposed to be very cold.  I think it is in the teens overnight.  I am making a big pot of chili and watching Nashville.  Then I will go to bed and sleep really well knowing I don't have to get up early!  Yay for snow days!!


  1. How fun! We have enjoyed the snow, but you are right...all those wet clothes...ick!!

  2. We are on our third snow day here in Raleigh! The first one really should not have been canceled, but the bad weather was predicted to start at lunch time and it didn't start until 6pm.


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