Friday, January 17, 2014

Random Stuff

We have had just a regular week this week.  Steve was gone out of town for the week so it was just Lindy and me.

So, today I thought I would just share a few random things from our regular week.

1-I have been reading Restless and I really love it.  I will talk about that more soon.

2-I have been trying to get up earlier than I usually do this week.  I am just trying it out because I am NOT a morning person.  But I have actually found that I have really enjoyed it!  Normally I wake up at around 6:15, but this week I have been getting up at 5:15, and I haven't even been that tired at night, either.  If I ever kept this up, I would totally surprise myself.  Haha!  But you sure can get a lot more done once you force yourself out of bed!  :)  I have done laundry, made muffins one morning, and got more Bible study time in.  Plus I got to school earlier and got planning done.  I have been pretty productive.  What time do you usually get up?

3-Our afternoons and evenings have been very relaxed this week.  When Steve is gone, Lindy and I get lots of time to hang out and talk and fix dinner together, etc.  Rocky is in on our party too.  I have told you how he follows me around everywhere all the time.  Every afternoon, he watches Ellen with me when I get home from school, which really is sweet.

He is such a faithful companion...even if he does drive me crazy sometimes!!

4-Did you watch American Idol this week with the new judges?  I really like Harry Connick being on it!  He is funny and honest and I like how they don't have as many crazy people on it.  I haven't watched it in the past few years, but I think I might try it again this year.

5-Ashley brought David and Caroline over yesterday afternoon for a little while.  They are at the cutest age right now.  David is just precious and so much fun to hang out with.  I loved this picture of him with Lindy.  He is the sweetest.

It is Friday!!  I am working on report cards this weekend, but I also have some fun things to look forward to, so I know it will be a great weekend!


  1. what is lindy's fashion blog address? you mentioned it a few posts ago, but i couldn't find the actual link.

  2. Ok, so I know I am crazy and my kids say I get up in the middle of the night but I get up at 4:15 a.m. I leave my house by 5:00 to go workout before work. It just works for me. I have made it a part of my day for a long long time. I go to bed early though...between 8 and 8:30!


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