Saturday, January 4, 2014

Girls' Shopping Day

Well, January is here and this day has been the definition of winter.  It's so cold!  I think the high today was around 30 degrees.  Brrrr!!

Mark left today to go back to Washington.

I sure did love having him and Laura home over Christmas.  I was sad to say goodbye to him today.  I am praying he has a great semester.  Law school is hard!

Steve has been sick for about five days now.  I think he has the flu.  He has felt really awful.  We have been staying home and not doing much for the past few days,  so I was ready to get out today for a little while.  I got some gift cards for Christmas that I hadn't used yet, so Lindy and I had a little girls' shopping day.

I got a necklace that I really love and a cute top.  Plus, I needed some new reader glasses, so I got these...

Lindy was with me and she is my style guru.  I think mine look a lot like the ones she wears and I think they look cute on her, so I went with something similar.

For lunch we went to Zoe's Kitchen.  It has kind of become "our place".  Whenever Steve is out of town or is working late, we like to meet up there.  It has lots of healthy options and it is all so good!

We also planned our menus for the week together and then went to Traders Joe's and Harris Teeter to get everything we needed.  Lindy is gluten free now.  She got a gluten free cookbook for Christmas and is excited about trying some of the recipes in it.  She is a good cook and it helps me out so much when she can help me get dinner ready.

I am so glad she has gotten to be home with us for a few months.  I know she is ready to find a job.  She has some really good opportunities that are pending right now, but I sure will miss her when she is gone!  She is a sweetie and we always have fun hanging out together.


  1. What a great day to go shopping, right? And by the smile on your face, there’s no doubt that you two had a wonderful experience. And great choice of new reading glasses, by the way! They look amazing on you.

    Yaakov @

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