Friday, January 10, 2014

A Week In The Life

Well, real life started back and I have been super busy again.  Since I didn't have much time to blog this week, I am just going to do a Friday recap.

You know our week started out cold....and it stayed that way!  Here was the weather on Tuesday.

Needless to say, no one wanted to be outside at all that day.  It was one of those days where you walked as fast as you could from your car inside and just stayed huddled up in the heat.  Of course, there was no recess that day.  I made the class hot chocolate in the morning when they got to school and then we just stayed inside and played on the iPads instead of going out.
I was really excited, though, because teachers got to wear Uggs to school that day!

We never get to do that, so it was a real treat!  I practically lived in my Uggs every day over Christmas break.  They are so warm and comfortable.  I wish we could wear them to school all winter!

One thing I do love about freezing cold weather is how cute kids look in their winter scarves and hats!   I just can't resist these two cutie pies in their little toboggans!

Oh. my. word!!!  Ashley sent this picture to me and I just about died from the cuteness.

Today was Panthers Day at school since Sunday we are in the playoffs!!  It was such a fun day and everyone was so excited about it.  I have a little girl in my class who literally wore an entire football uniform to school...complete with helmet, pads, and football pants!

Can you guess who our class' favorite player is??

All week I have been drinking my favorite Spice Tea (or Russian Tea) to keep warm.  Here is the recipe.  It is the perfect thing to warm up to by the fire at night!

And I always make lots of soups in the winter when it is cold.  I found a great recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup on Mimi's Making Meals several years ago and it is one of my favorites when you need something quick and easy.  I made it this week and it was delish!

Before I go, I was wondering if I could ask you to pray about something with me?  You probably already know that Lindy, has been dating her boyfriend, Sean, for about 4 years now.

Yesterday Sean's dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.  He is not a smoker and never has been.  He is in really good health and so this came as a total surprise.  As you can imagine, it was devastating news for their family.  I know they have some really difficult days ahead and I just praying that they feel God's peace and His presence as they are walking through this.  Thank you for praying with me blog friends!!

Now I am off to get dinner out somewhere fun and enjoy my Friday night.  Tomorrow is "Finally-Take-Christmas-Down" Day!!


  1. So sorry to hear about Sean's dad. A friend of mine from high school was so similar in circumstance (no smoking, very healthy). Her blog shares some of her resources and connections that have helped her become NED, no evidence of disease, after a lung removal.
    Her blog is:

  2. Thank you so much April! I will definitely read her blog!! We are open to anything that might help. :)

  3. Covering Sean's dad in prayer. Not only for healing, but for peace for all of them.

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