Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby, Baby

We had a really good weekend celebrating sweet baby Caroline.  I forgot to tell you that Mark had knee surgery the same day she was born!  It was just a coincidence because he had the surgery scheduled for a while.  So he was at home recovering the night she got here.

Laura and Lindy came home for the weekend to see her.  We had fun hanging out together and catching up with them.  They had to get their baby fix and give some cuddles to Caroline. 

I can't believe they are almost to the end of their senior year of college.  We spent a lot of time talking about getting apartments and applying for jobs, etc.  All my kids are about to be all grown up!

Saturday morning we woke up and went to Cast Iron Waffles (our new favorite.)  Then, since David's birthday was Friday, Steve, Laura, and I picked him up and took him to the mall to play.  He LOVES the mall--especially playing in the cars and the Disney Store.   He was in such fast motion that I could barely get a picture of him.  He was just a blur!

Saturday night we just stayed home and hung out and then Sunday morning we went to church together.  Sunday was a gorgeous day! 

We met for lunch at Brixx pizza and then everyone spent alot of the day outside.  It was even windy enough to fly a kite!  Ashley and John brought David and Caroline over for a little while.  Steve finally got to hold her.  He had a cold this week, so he wanted to wait to he felt better.

Mark had to take a turn, too.

Laura, Lindy, and I watched the Oscars together on Sunday night.  I was glad Argo won.  I loved that movie.  I liked Les Mis too, though, and I definitely thought Anne Hathaway deserved to win for best actress!

John went back to work today so I told Ashley I would help her today and tomorrow.  She took David to Barnes and Noble with Mark and I got to stay home and rock this angel.

 I could just kiss her sweet cheeks all day!  Goodness gracious she is presh!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Caroline

We have a sweet new baby girl in our family!  Ashley had her baby on Wednesday....Caroline Elizabeth Scott!  She weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. and is absolutely precious.  We are already in love!

Where did you get those eyes so blue?
They're from the sky that you passed through.

And what about that little tear?  Did you find that it was waiting for you here?

And what about your little nose?  He knew you'd need it for the rose.
And as for that soft, curly ear.  He knew there would be songs for you to hear.
How can it be that you are you?  He thought you up and so you grew.
Because you're mine, it must be true...

That he was also thinking of me too.
For all you are and all you'll be...
For everything you mean to me...
Though I don't understand,
I know you're from the Father's hand.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Heart February!

I am so behind on my blogging for February. In an effort to just get myself caught up, we are just going to share the highlight reel today! :)

Spirit Week

Oh what fun that is! A whole week of kids dressing up and being crazy. They love it though! This was Neon Day!


Super Bowl

We had a low key Super Bowl. Ashley, John, and David came over and we just ordered pizza. Steve and David watched for a few minutes together before David got bored and wanted to play! Haha.

Kidney Stones

Laura got kidney stones! Bless her heart. She ended up in the hospital and in so much pain!

It was also flash flooding in Boone that night so that made it worse. They gave her pain medicine and sent her home and she eventually passed it. I hate not being able to be near my kids when they are sick!

David's Birthday Party

Ashley had David's birthday party a little early since she was afraid she might be in labor or have a brand new baby on his real birthday! He had a Mickey Mouse party and was the cutest thing. He had so much fun.


Cast Iron Waffles

Laura and Lindy introduced me to this yumminess. Oh. my. word. These waffles are to die for. I've already been back again and I took Steve with me this time! He loved it. Who can resist anything with Nutella on it??

Valentine's Day

I sure do have a sweet husband. We have been together since we were 16 years old and he still sends me flowers every Valentine's Day. I love him!

Stop Hunger Now

On Valentine's Day, we packed meals at school for Stop Hunger Now. I love that ministry. Here is my class all ready to go with our hair nets on. Haha! We look like a bunch of cafeteria workers! :)


We finally got some beautiful snow this weekend. Steve and I were supposed to go to dinner with some of our good friends on Saturday night. Then right before we left, it started snowing like crazy! It was so pretty but I wondered if we would regret going.

The roads never got too bad, though. And we had the best time with our friends Dave and April who we've known since high school.

Here is our house the next morning...


Since it snowed on Saturday, Steve decided to go up to Boone on Sunday and go skiing with Laura. He is such a good dad. They had fun together. :)

These two make me laugh!

Now we are just waiting for Baby Scott to get here. It may be this week! I will keep you posted!