Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bring It On

I can't believe it already almost Thanksgiving!

It has gotten so cold here this weekend and it is starting to feel like the holidays.  Laura came home for Thanksgiving on Friday night and it is good to have her home.  

And Mark is coming home tomorrow.  
Then I will have all my kids back home and the party can begin.

I know I have already mentioned this, but I seriously can't get over the leaves in our city right now--especially in my neighborhood.   I was driving through our neighborhood yesterday morning and I just had to stop my car and get out and take some pictures.  It was sooo pretty!! 

I really don't think there is anything on Pinterest or in a magazine any prettier than this!

Do you do anything "Christmas-y" before Thanksgiving?  I used to be one of those die hard people who never wanted to listen to Christmas music or do anything at all related to Christmas before Thanksgiving.  But I think I am changing my stance on that.  I am kind of moving toward just letting Thanksgiving be a part of the whole "holiday season".  It doesn't take anything away from Thanksgiving, in my opinion, to listen to Christmas music or do a little shopping before you celebrate the day of giving thanks.  So that is what I have been doing these past few weeks.  We bought a new Christmas tree.  I have already gotten a few things for David and Caroline just because they are so fun to buy for.  And I am hoping to get a lot more done before December.  I would love to have as much done as I can before our calendar gets crazy.  

One thing I will never do, though, is shop on Thanksgiving.  I am sad that any employees have to work on that day and I hate the idea of taking a day meant to thank God for what we have and turning into a day to get more stuff.  No thank you.

Since it has gotten so cold here lately, it makes me want put on my warm socks and fleece sweatshirts, build a fire, fix a big pot of soup, watch cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, and read lots of good books.  

Ashley has been telling me how good Paula Deen's Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup was, so I made it this weekend.  It was delicious!  Ashley always takes it to anyone who is sick or just had a baby, etc.  I am definitely adding it to my fall/winter recipes!

And I have been reading two really interesting books lately that I think I heard about on NPR or read about in a magazine somewhere.  They are both kind of similar because they are both about children around the world and they would both be good reads for parents or teachers.  One is called The Smartest Kids In The World.  

It is about the three countries that score the highest in the world on standardized tests and what America can learn from them.  (Great for teachers!)

And I am reading Bringing Up Bebe.  

I have blogged before (here) about how when Steve and I have visited Europe, I was amazed at how well-behaved the children were there!  When I heard that this book explained why, I was curious!  The book is about French parenting and what they are doing there to raise children who are independent and well-mannered.  

And speaking of that, this is one little boy who I think is very well-mannered.  I'm sure he has his moments when he is at home, but when he is with me, he is precious and we always have the best time together.  

I can't wait for the holidays so he can come over and we can do some fun Christmas stuff together!  Bring on the holidays!!

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