Sunday, September 15, 2013

Catching My Breath

Well, since I posted last, my life has been in ultra fast motion.  This weekend it has finally slowed down enough for me to breathe for a second.

Let's see....since I posted last, Laura and Lindy turned 22.  They both celebrated with friends and we decided to wait until Labor Day weekend to celebrate together.

 I sure am thankful for these two girls.  They fill my life with their love and sweetness and creativity every day!  I love watching them grow up and start their own lives, even though I miss them when they are gone!

And school started!  I love my sweet boys and girls.  I know God hand picked them just for me to share life with for a season and I can't wait for the year ahead.  I had to move out of my big beautiful room from last year, but my new room is not as small as I was thinking it would be.  So yay for that!

Here I am on the first day of school with my assistant and one of our students!  My assistant is as young as Laura and Lindy.  Haha!  I feel so old!  :)  I love working with her though!

The first week of school wore me out.  Every night I would come home and cook dinner, then Steve and I would eat something sweet and watch King Of Queens reruns in bed and that was about how long I could stay awake!  I was exhausted!

On Labor Day weekend, we wanted to go visit Laura up in Boston.  She didn't have much of a summer vacation this summer, so we decided to drive to Montreal, Canada for the weekend.  It was so interesting.  It is way more French than I expected.  Everyone speaks French.  Not much English is spoken at all.  It looks alot like you are in Paris in some parts of town.  It is very pretty and unique.

Here we are on the plane on our way to Boston to meet Laura and be on our way to Montreal.

We drove Laura's car from Boston to Montreal.

Since we took so many pictures,  I just decided to make a collage of some of them.  We got caught in a huge rainstorm the first night we were there.  We were walking around in Old Montreal when it started POURING rain.  So we bought ponchos and caught a cab back to our hotel for some room service and TV.  The rest of our time we spent just touring the city, eating crepes and finding little coffee shops, visiting beautiful cathedrals and street fairs and just enjoying the sights and sounds of everything French!

We had a really good time, but I have to admit, I was glad to get back home and start getting into a little bit of a routine.  And I definitely hit the ground running the day we got back.  School has been going strong and I have been trying to adjust to getting up early and the busyness that always goes with the beginning of the year.

And I sure did miss David and Caroline while we were gone.  I was excited when Ashley asked us to keep them last Saturday while she spent the day with her old college roommates who were in town for the weekend.

David wanted to go to Firehouse Subs for lunch and get a fire hat.  He had so much fun with the hose pretending the car was on fire and he was putting it out.

David and Caroline were all dressed for the South Carolina game in their cute matching t-shirts!  We were laughing that David looks excited about the game and Caroline has her "game face" on!  :)

This past week I have been starting to feel back in a routine.  It has been so blazing hot here though.  We had the coolest summer and then when September gets here, it gets HOT!??  But this weekend it finally cooled down a little and it has been so nice.

Steve and I went out to dinner and a movie Friday night and spent time outside working in the yard and enjoying the day yesterday.  Last night was my brother Brent's 40th birthday.  I remember the day he was born.  I was so excited!!  He was like my baby.  I carried him around on my hip all the time and took care of him like a little mommy.  It was like I had my own real-life baby doll.  So it is weird to think that he is 40 now!  I sure do love him though.  He is a wonderful brother and has been so sweet and supportive to me and my kids through the years.  We went out for Mexican food and then went to listen to some live music afterwards.  It was a fun night.

Today I am watching the Panthers play football and getting my lesson plans done.  Steve and I didn't get to go to church this morning because he had to leave to go out of town.  I will miss him this week, but I am hoping to get a lot done.  Hope you are having a great weekend!

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  1. It looks like you have been so very busy, but with LOTS of fun stuff!! Your girls are so pretty and look like just so much fun!

    And those grandbabes!! Aren't they just the best?!

    Have a Beautiful weekend friend ~~ dawn


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