Monday, August 12, 2013

Law School

This weekend we took Mark to Washington, DC to help him move into his new apartment.   He is starting law school there in a little over a week at American University Washington College of Law.  He has worked really hard to get to this point, so we are pretty proud of him and excited about this new chapter in his life!

He made the rounds all week last week seeing everyone and saying goodbye to his friends, then on Thursday night, we took him out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Cajun Yard Dog, since that was his last night in Charlotte.

Friday we spent the day getting everything packed up and in the car.  (It kind of seemed like deja vu since we had just done this with Laura back in June!)  Mark and I picked Steve up from work and the three of us headed out of town around 5:00.  We didn't get to Washington until close to midnight!

Even though we were tired, we got up early on Saturday morning and went straight to Ikea to get all Mark's furniture.  Ikea is such a neat store, but it is very "do it yourself".  If you buy anything from there, you have to put it together.  So, needless to say, a lot of the rest of our time this weekend was spent putting together furniture and making trips to Target and running other errands.  It was definitely a working weekend.

We did take a break on Saturday night to take a little tour of American's Law School and see where Mark will be going to class.

We also went out to dinner and celebrate his first night in DC!

Sunday morning we woke up and worked all day making sure he was all set and had everything he needed.  I hated to say goodbye.  (I pretty much hate all goodbyes!)  It felt kind of like college all over again.  But he is ready and he is going to do great!  I was telling Steve that having kids far away from you is so much easier now than when we were in college or living far away from home.  We love to Skype and we are always texting and calling and emailing throughout the day so really, it doesn't seem like they are quite so far from home, which is perfect!

I am so proud of my boy and pray every day that God will use his life and all the gifts and talents he has been given to do something that will honor Him and make the world a better place!


  1. #2 is in Arizona for flight attendant training for six weeks and I am so thankful for computers, smartphones, Instagram, Facebook and everything else that lets me get to stay in contact with her. I think I called my parents once a week when I was in college. I am not sure how my mom survived that!

  2. I'm a DC girl who has been reading your sweet blog for years. :) That is so exciting for Mark & your family!

  3. Congrats to Mark! My youngest daughter graduated 2 yrs ago from law school in AZ. The first year will be his busiest/hardest, at least it was for her. How exciting to go to law school in DC!

  4. Our daughter also says the first year was the hardest/ busiest. Maybe getting used to all that reading they have to do. She is an attorney for our state and loves what she is doing. Good luck to Mark!


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