Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Embrace The Season

I have one day left until my students come back to school on Thursday.  I still can't believe how fast this summer went and that it is already time to go back to school.  Somehow this summer disappeared before my eyes!  I have been working non-stop in my classroom, though,  and I feel like I am ready.  I got to meet all my students on Saturday and I already love them.  I know we are going to have a great year!

Steve and I had a really simple anniversary dinner on Saturday, which is just how we wanted it.   We have done so much lately that we really didn't want to make a big deal.  We just went to dinner at Bonefish Grill and then split some dessert and coffee at Cajun Yard Dog afterwards and that was perfect for us!

Sunday morning our children led us in worship at church.  We have the BEST children's ministry and I got to see several of my students up on stage.

Plus our pastor preached an awesome sermon on forgiveness.  It was a really good day.

Lindy and I decided to go see The Butler after church.  We loved it.  I am a history nerd and this movie had lots of history in it, so it's right up my alley.  It kind of had a Forrest Gump feel to it.  It is definitely worth seeing!

Sunday night, Ashley and John went out to dinner and we got to keep David and Caroline.  They were so precious.  Tarzan happened to be on the Disney Channel and David was enthralled with it.  He could hardly eat his dinner because he was so intent on watching it.

Steve also played trains and cars with him and took him outside to ride in his Lightning McQueen car.  He is at such a fun age.

And Caroline was in the best mood.  She was so cute and smiley the whole night (except in this picture!  haha).  We have discovered that she LOVES music.  Anytime music comes on, she is extremely interested in it.  And one of her favorite things is for me to dance with her.  I just love spending time with her.

This girl is one chubby butterball, too.  She loves taking her bath and I love kissing all her cute little rolls!

Now I want to get some advice from you.  If you have read my blog very long, you know that I always get so many sweet gift cards from my class.  I have two gift cards from Nordstrom that I need to use very soon and I am thinking that I would like some jeans.  I have several pairs of skinny jeans, but I need some new regular boot cut jeans.  I want them to be comfortable and since I am very short, I would love for them to make my legs look a little longer!  If you have a favorite brand of jeans, I would love to  know what you like about them and give me some recommendations!


  1. Sorry, can't help you with the jeans. I wear Curvy, Skinny ankle jeans from The Loft. Though, I will watch the replys here because I would love to get a nice pair of boot cut...and I am 5'3 and would love for my legs to look longer too!

    David and Caroline are precious! I love watching them grow!

    Happy first day back tomorrow! I'm sure I will see you this school year! keep your eye out for my grand...She will be the sweetest girl in K5! :)

  2. Pinterest Told Me To loves the Vigoss jeans at Nordstrom. They have cute boot cut ones under $50! I just love your blog and am so glad you're back at it! We live in Mt Holly and I love your recommendations of local places! Hugs... Jenny

  3. go the PINTEREST TOLD ME TO blog, she recently went crazy with Nordstroms and jeans. I believe she is short as well, and she has lots of advice on jeans.

    I love your blog. I've been reading for years. I love when you post what you are reading (books are my fav.)

    Kelly in Michigan

  4. I was going to say Pinterest told me to also! Schaefer is great! I bought the vigoss distressed pair and love them! I am 5'2! She recently showed some boot cut ones that looked great! :) I love your blog and I follow you and your beautiful twins on IG! I have almost 16 year old twin daughters! :)

  5. Ha ha! Too funny! I was going to make the same suggestion the others have made about Pinterest Told Me To and her Vigoss jeans. Unfortunately, I don't have a Nordstrom's near me and I've never tried a pair on, but I'm curious what you decide.

  6. I'm so terrible at jeans! However, I'll surely look out for that movie.

  7. Love the new look on your blog! I feel like it has been forever since I've sat and read blogs, so I'm just catching up on you and your sweet family.

    Those babies are so cute and I just want to squeeze Caroline and her sweet cheeks.

    I hope you have a great school year!!


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