Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So...after being on a really fast track for the months of April, May, and June, it has been so nice to finally slow down a little bit these past few weeks.  I feel like I have finally been able to enjoy all the fun things about summer--my favorite season!

This month, I've been able to do some things I really enjoy... like spending time with one of my former students, Brianna, who I just love.   I try to keep up with her and get together with her every month or two.  She recently had her birthday, so I took her shopping and then we got lunch and ice cream.  She is such a sweet little girl and we always have fun together.

I have also been spending time with David and Caroline.  Ashley and John are all settled into their house now so I have gone over there with them to the pool and we have had some Chick Fil A dates too.

And they still come to our house to play and eat dinner and share popsicles on the porch!

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to hang out at the pool and read and listen to my 70's music!  Haha!  To me, that is probably one of the most relaxing things in the world.  :)

I have been reading some really good books this summer.  The best one I have read in a long, long time is called Love Does, by Bob Goff.  Go get it.  Seriously.  It was so good!

I am also reading Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn and Pioneer Woman's love story called Black Heels To Tractor Wheels on my Kindle.

Another fun thing I got to do recently is get together with a childhood friend of mine, Lenora.  We went to Two Rivers Baptist Church together in Nashville and have been friends since we were in the 1st grade.  She is a high school biology teacher and she lives in a town nearby.  We have been wanting to reconnect so we finally made it happen and got together.  Our lives are so parallel it is crazy.  We had so much to catch up on!  I love old friends.

I also took my sister in law, Britney, out to lunch for her birthday to the new Chuy's that we just got here in Charlotte.  Chuy's is so big in Texas and I was excited that we finally got one here!

 And I have spent my Tuesdays tutoring several of my students at Barnes & Noble.  I love seeing them and working with them over the summer!

Since Lindy has been home this summer, we have been watching the show Nashville together.  I love it because I lived there when I was little, plus I love all the country music in it.  I just get it on my Amazon Prime account and we watch it whenever we have some time.

Last weekend Steve and I made a quick trip to Atlantic Beach to visit his family.  They were all spending a week there together.  We couldn't go for the whole week, but we enjoyed seeing them for a little while and just getting away together.  One night we went to dinner in Beaufort, NC.  That is such a quaint little town. We passed this cute little house with a swing in the yard as we were strolling around.  I had to take a picture because it reminded me of when I was a little girl and my Pappy built me a swing just like this on a tree in their yard.  I had lots of good times there!

We ate dinner right on the water and watched the boats go in and out, but I didn't take a picture.  I got shrimp and grits for dinner.  When you're from the South, you HAVE to get shrimp and grits when you are at the beach!  Yummmm!  And to make it even better, it was topped with fried okra!

It was actually pretty cloudy and windy while we were there, but we had a great time anyway just sitting on the beach and reading and talking.  It was nice to see Steve's aunts and uncles too. This was what our trip home looked like and what the weather has pretty much been like here for the past month.  Sometimes it seems like the sun will never shine again!  I am not a fan.

Of course, Steve always has to stop at Smithfield's BBQ on the way home anytime we are in the eastern part of the state!  Now, that is some down-home cookin'!

We had a nice fourth of July.  Laura came home from Boston for the weekend and I was so glad to see her! We went to one of her favorite breakfast places called The Flying Biscuit that morning.

Then we had Ashley & John, my parents, and a friend of Laura and Lindy's over for dinner.  I grilled steaks and we had fruit pizza for dessert.

 We didn't go out to see the fireworks anywhere, but we did light a few sparklers!  :)
July has been much calmer so far and I am so thankful.  Next week we are headed to the beach for the week and I can't wait.  I just hope it doesn't rain the whole time we are there.  Tropical Storm Chantal is supposed to be heading right towards the Carolina Coast.  Boo!! :(


  1. I love Beaufort! I just blogged about it. We go there a lot. Did you eat at Dockside?

  2. Betsy, Thanks for the sweet words on my blog! I love looking at all the adventures of you and your family! You certainly have the most divine bunch of children! Sweet Caroline is just a peach! She is the kind of baby that you would just like to "chew" on!! Sweet baby sugar for sure! :)

    Hope you get to have fun on your beach trip and that you don't encounter any bad weather!

    P.S. I could have stayed for weeks touring Virginia, SC , NC and Tenn. It is just beautiful! I love the little towns. We did drive some of the backroads which we always enjoy so much!

  3. Yay for making it to July!

    It has been fun catching up on your blog. David and Caroline are just 'the' cutest, surely Caroline is the Gerber baby?

    Agree with the weather. It is crazy this summer. Hopefully it clears up in time for your beach trip!

  4. I am reading Love Does now; it is SO good! And, those shrimp and grits with fried okra on top look yummy!!

  5. My! You have been busy! And we too stop at Smithfields anytime we're in the eastern part of the state!



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