Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beach Vacation

We left yesterday for a little family trip to the beach.  This year, Laura couldn't come with us since she has a big girl job up in Boston now, so we were sad about that.  And Mark has been in Miami all week with friends, so didn't come down with us, but he is meeting us here tomorrow.  Ashley and John and their kids came with us and Lindy also brought her boyfriend Sean.  All the way down here it was raining like it has been for almost every day this summer.  Uuugghhh!  I was really hoping our week wasn't going to end up being stormy and rainy.  But when we woke up this morning it was absolutely gorgeous outside.  We couldn't have asked for a prettier day.

When  we are at the beach, we usually wake up pretty early in the morning and eat breakfast, then we head down to the beach for the day.  Steve and John went down while we were getting our swim suits on and set up a canopy for us so we would have some shade. 

 David has been to the beach before, but I think this is the first time he really remembers it.   Yesterday when we got here, he ran straight for the ocean and was so excited, and then a wave knocked him down and scared him.  So today, he was not a fan of the ocean.  

We are hoping he gets used to it as the week goes on.  But he had fun playing in the sand and swimming in the pool.  

Caroline loved the beach!  Ashley bought her a little tent to sleep in and once Ashley got her settled down and used to it, she took a great nap.  

She slept so good and then woke up and was happy as can be!  We put her feet in the water and took her to the pool and she had a good time.  We laughed so much at her crazy mohawk hair!  :)

I definitely don't want to be in the kitchen cooking when we are on vacation, so I try to think of easy things I can make that everybody likes.  Tonight I made chicken in the crock pot with salsa and taco seasoning.  Then I just shredded it and everybody could make tacos or nachos or whatever they wanted to with it.  Ashley also made her awesome guacamole to go with it.

Then after dinner, Steve and I kept Caroline while Lindy and Sean and Ashley and John and David went to play putt-putt.  It was David's first time playing and he said he had fun!  

One of my very favorite things to do in the world is to be at the beach on a beautiful, sunny day and today was just like that.  Ashley and I were both saying we could almost start crying because it was the first time we had seen the sun shine in so long.

It was just perfect!


  1. So glad the sun was out for you!! Enjoy your time with your family!

  2. What a wonderful experience you would have when you had a beach vacation.


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