Monday, July 8, 2013


It has been so long since I've blogged, I hope I can even remember how to do it!  I kind of have a love/hate relationship with blogging these days.  I LOVE reading other people's blogs and keeping up with them and I love keeping a record or journal of all the things that have been happening in my life, but sometimes actually living life and being present in the moment takes priority over anything else.  If I have to choose the best way to spend my time, blogging just isn't at the top of my list lately.  I think you just have seasons like that, right?

Anyway...I do want to remember what has been happening over the past few months, so today I am just going to recap it so I will have a record of these fun memories!  The last time I blogged was in April and ever since then, it may have been the BUSIEST time I can ever remember in my whole entire life!  Here is the rundown:

We made a trip to ECU to visit Lindy for one last time before she graduated...

and we made a trip to App to see Laura, too!

We spent a lot of time with David and Caroline...

And Caroline got dedicated...

We served at Joy Prom.  It is a prom that our church hosts for people with special needs and it is one of our favorite events all year!

I took my sweet student Brianna and her little brother and sister out for lunch and a movie.

And I had my birthday and got showered with so many sweet gifts and flowers from my students!

Oh my goodness....May.  The month of "May-hem" I like to call it!  :)

We celebrated my dad's 75th birthday on Cinco de Mayo...

And we celebrated Ashley's 26th birthday on May 11th.

The weekend of Mother's Day was pretty crazy.  Lindy graduated from ECU on Friday so we drove to the eastern part of the state to Greenville to celebrate with her...

Saturday we came back to Charlotte and hosted a graduation/Mother's Day/Ashley's birthday party at our house.

Then we left Sunday morning to head to Boone for Laura's graduation from Appalachian State University.

We were so proud of both of our girls.  It was a strange feeling seeing the last of our four kids graduate from college.  Steve and I have had kids in college for the past 8 years straight.  Here is my Facebook post from that weekend:

Well, after 8 straight years of college tuitions, close to 20 moves in and out of dorms and apartments, countless phone calls and Skype sessions, orientations, studying abroad, football games, sorority functions, and tons of love and sacrifice, the LAST of our 4 kids is graduating from college tomorrow. We finally did it! It is the end of an era...and the beginning of a new chapter! ‎#proudmama

Meanwhile, it was super busy at school with end of the year parties and events like our Fine Arts performance and Field Day.  That's when I read Jen Hatmaker's blog post about being the worst end of school mom ever and seriously laughed out loud because I could so relate to it from a mom's perspective and a teacher's!!  I was hanging on by a thin thread by the end of May!!

We had a nice relaxing Memorial Day (thank goodness!)  Steve's mom had us over for a big southern breakfast and we spent the day just hanging out.

Before I knew it, school was out and May was almost over and it was time to pack Laura up and move her to Boston.  So, on my very last day of school, Steve and I got into a tiny little Kia Forte that was packed BEYOND anything reasonable and started our 15 hour journey up north to take all Laura's stuff to her new apartment.  Laura, Lindy, and Mark flew and met us there.  I literally barely had room to breathe in that car, y'all.  We had to roll the windows down to get anything out because if we opened the doors, everything would explode out!  Not kidding.  But we finally made it and had a few days to hang out in Boston while we got Laura all settled in.

When we got home from Boston, Ashley and John had moved into our house for two weeks.  Their apartment lease was up at the end of May and their house wasn't going to be finished until mid June.  We had a fun two weeks spending time with them & doing all kinds of things with David and Caroline.  But our house looked like a toy bomb had gone off!  :)

During those two weeks, my nephew Brett graduated from high school.  We are so proud of him!

And we celebrated Father's Day by having my dad over for barbeque and banana pudding.  I have such a wonderful dad and Steve is the best dad ever to our kids & grandkids!  It was a fun day.

So...that is the past three months in a nutshell.  Haha!  Tomorrow I am going to get caught up with July and then hopefully I will be back on track!


  1. Betsy I have been reading your blog for years! I cannot believe your girls graduated from college. It was just yesterday you posted about them moving them in. :-) Time certainly flies.

  2. I am so glad to see you have posted. I have been concerned about you and have said more than one prayer, just feeling like you needed it.
    You really do live life to its fullest and I love reading about your family. Looking forward to seeing what happened with you and your family in July.

  3. I've missed your posts! You have such a neat family


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