Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snowy Weekend

I think I am finally getting back to a normal routine this week.  Goodness...the last few weeks have been a little crazy, but in a good way!  I think it all caught up with me last night though.  I could barely keep my eyes open and I went to bed at 9:00.  I know that is so early, but it was amazing.  I felt so much better today!

Last week I spent a couple of days helping Ashley with this little angel.  I know the flower is as big as her head, but I can't help playing dress up with her.  :)

You forget how little and precious a newborn is.  I love how she smells and her soft little cheeks.  I could kiss this baby girl all day.
David came over to play a few afternoons, too.  He likes to get on the couch lately and put all the pillows around him and pretend like he is driving a car.  It is so cute.  He had the best time with Mark playing that game! 
On Friday I had to get up at 5:00 am to drive to Asheville for a statewide Spelling Bee.  Two of my students were in it and I wanted to be there to support them.  I am soooo not a morning person.  Oh my goodness...it takes everything I can do to get up at that hour.  So I treated myself to a big cup of Starbucks and put on a good Pandora station and tried to make it a little more bearable. 
Once I got going, the drive was really pretty.  I got to see the sunrise and it was snowing when I got up to the mountains!  Plus I was really proud of my two students.  They did a great job!

Friday night Steve and I went out to dinner and then we rented Here Comes The Boom with Kevin James.  I liked it, but I fell asleep about half way through.  I am so bad at staying up to watch movies on Friday nights.  I can never seem to do it!  Steve always wakes me up to tell me it's over!

On Saturday, it snowed all morning.  I took this picture looking out of my living room window.

It was so pretty but it didn't stick to the roads at all, so Ashley brought David and Caroline over.  Steve took David outside to play in the snow.  I love this picture because it reminds me of an illustration from the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats!  You can tell how much fun he was having!

Even though there was really hardly any snow on the ground, Steve managed to help David build a snowman.  Here in the south, we make do with whatever we get! (That look on David's face is because some people came over to visit Caroline that he didn't know very well and all of a sudden he got really shy!  Haha!)

He loved his little southern snowman, though.  He even gave it a kiss!

Sunday we went to church and then just had a relaxing day at home.  I don't think we will get anymore snow.  I'm pretty sure we are done for 2013.  I am so ready for spring now.  Speaking of spring, I saw this cute top on my friend Christal's blog. 

She told me where she got hers and I ordered one too.  She lives in Canada, so I don't think we'll risk running into each other wearing the same thing!  :)

Next week we are going to Florida for a few days, so I can't wait to soak up some warm weather!


  1. That little baby girl is beautiful!! I can only imagine how she smells and feels!

    No snow for us here in Raleigh..... I am ready for some sunshine now.

    I love the Dixie Chicks...even though...

  2. How fun! Caroline is such a cutie pie!!! :-) We got some snow here as well and it was just enough to look at and enjoy and now I am ready for spring too!!

  3. Caroline is so pretty and she makes her big brother look so grown up now eh:) We are so ready for spring here too it snowed again today and its so cold still!! Every time you post a picture of you and your students I always wish we lived down there and my kids could have you for a teacher you are the best!! and I love that you got the shirt too I'm just so happy we actually found it where it wasn't sold out:) I'll think of you when I wear it;) Have a great weekend:)


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