Sunday, March 24, 2013

Florida-Spring Break 2013 is officially the coldest Palm Sunday I think I can ever remember.  It is pouring down rain and freezing here!

This time last Sunday we had just gotten back from a few days in Florida with Laura and Lindy.  It was their Spring Break.  They went to Boston for the first part of the week with some friends... they wanted to go somewhere warm for the second part of the week!   We decided it would be fun to fly to West Palm Beach to visit Steve's brother, Mike.  That was a good choice.  We had such a nice time not having any agenda other than relaxing and being in the sunshine.

The first day we got there was a little chilly and extremely windy.  We got up and went to the local farmer's market because I love all their produce there.  It is so cheap!!  We got tons of good fruit and vegetables for hardly anything.   I got four grapefruit for $1.00!  That is the kind of prices they have there.  Look how pretty all these peppers were.  They looked like a rainbow!

Later that morning, we went to the beach.  We had lunch at Johnny Longboats which we could walk to from the beach.   It was so windy that day that we had to get one of those covered chairs so we wouldn't get pelted with sand.  As long as we were in there, it was perfect!  All of us even fell asleep on the beach that day!

Mike took Steve and me to a little Cuban/Mexican restaurant for dinner that night while Laura and Lindy just stayed home and relaxed.  You know we love our Mexican food!

One of my favorite things to do in WPB is go to the Publix and get their chocolate almond ice cream.  We don't have a Publix near my house and I LOVE that ice cream!  We got some on our way home so we could have dessert every night while we watched TV!  It's the little things, right?

The next day, we knew it was going to be windy and in the 60's, so we spent the day in Palm Beach and Delray.  We window shopped on Worth Avenue for a while.  It is like Rodeo Drive in LA with very upscale stores and shops.  It really is pretty.

Then we drove to Delray and had lunch at Caffe Luna Rosa.  It was so yummy. 


I had a tuna melt that was delish and Laura got a veggie wrap that she said was so good.  It was fun just hanging out and talking.  Lindy is catching us up on all her news....

And I'm sure Steve is giving her some kind of advice!

This is passage way to the beach in Delray!

It was still too windy to do much on the beach that day!

We ate dinner that night at one of Mike's favorite places...Duffy's.  It is a sports bar, so we could watch basketball while we were eating dinner!  Steve had basketball on the brain the whole trip because the ACC tournament was going on.  But Duffy's is one of our favorites too!

The next day was much warmer, finally!  We decided to hang out at the pool for the day. 

After lunch, Steve stayed home to watch the ACC tournament but Laura and Lindy and I headed back to lay out and read all afternoon.

That night we went to dinner at City Place and ate at Cheesecake Factory.  Steve's sister, Angela, drove down so she went with us. 

We laughed a lot and talked and just enjoyed a fun night together.


Saturday morning we woke up and went to the West Palm Beach Green Market.   The Green Market has all kinds of little booths set up where you can buy food or flowers or pottery or jewelry or all kinds of other things! 

We had a fun morning just browsing and talking. 


Laura and Lindy and I all got smoothies and Steve bought some apple cider donuts that are amazing.  Mike always likes their empanadas and I bought a really pretty pottery coffee mug.  It was a beautiful sunshiny morning and we had a good time.


That afternoon, all us girls went to the beach while Steve and Mike watched the NC State game.  (Can you tell it's March???)  It was a GORGEOUS day and I loved every minute of being on the beautiful beach.  I am so ready for warm weather and spring!!

We had to fly out that night.  We just came home from the beach and changed and went to the airport.  We were home in an hour and a half.  Yay!!  That definitely beats a 12 hour car ride!

Sunday we had to get a little David and Caroline fix, so they came over for a few hours to play.


Then it was back to school and back to work.  Last week was very intense and busy.  I felt like we played catch up all week.  But it was worth it for a few fun days with my girls!


  1. Hi there! I recently found your blog through Kelly's Korner blog. Your family is so sweet and your grand children are adorable! Love your blog! It's been years since I've been to Florida, but now I want to go back. :)

  2. How fun! Will definitely shop at the markets when we go there this summer.

  3. Sounds like a fun trip! I love Lindy's hair curly!!


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