Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Life This Week

Wow...it is already almost Wednesday? This week is going by fast. I need to play a little catch up.

We had a really nice weekend. Friday night Steve and I got Mexican food with Laura and Lindy and then just came home and went to bed early. Going back to work will do that to you!

Saturday we took Christmas down and got everything put away. Now my house seems kind of bare, but it's nice to have all the clutter gone. Our kids were all busy on Saturday night so Steve wanted me to go see Skyfall with him. We got some dinner and then headed to the movie theater, but it was sold out. So we just came home and watched Homeland. I had downloaded a few episodes onto my Kindle Fire and Steve got some kind of cord that can connect the Kindle to the big screen so that makes it more fun. Do you watch Homeland? What do you think? I thought it was interesting, but to me it was kind of graphic.

Sunday was an AWESOME day at church. Our pastor cast his vision for our church for 2013 and it was just so good.

I promise it will bless you to hear it (even if you don't go to my church)!

Then I watched the season premiere of Downton Abbey and fell asleep before it was over even though I loved it. I had to finish watching it the next day. Haha!

Mark has gone back to Washington this week to move all of his stuff back home. He is going to be living here again until he starts law school in the fall.

I have had so much fun spending time with my girls this week. I will miss them when they have to go back to school for their last semester of college ever!! (What on earth?)

Monday after school we went to a little French bakery called Amelie's and got some dessert.

They always up for finding good places to eat and fun things to do!

They keep me up to date on everything. I love them!

Only a few days left and then my revolving door will turn and Laura and Lindy will leave and Mark will come back.

Happy Hump Day tomorrow...enjoy the rest of your week!


  1. I'm so glad you're having a super time with the twins home!

  2. Your girls are just the cutest things. We're going to try and plan a trip to NC this year to see Chad & Faith and those sweet babies!! I hope I can see you and Ashley while I'm there.

    Happy New Year, friend! Can I still say that since it's still January?? :)

  3. Y'all are always going to neat places to eat! :-) Looks fun!


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