Saturday, November 10, 2012

7 Days A Week

So...we are back around to Saturday. Yay for the weekend! I love it...especially after a super busy week. Today I am just looking back at each day this week...

Monday-It was almost like a Friday since we got the next day off of school for voting! Steve went out with some friends and I stayed home and watched girly movies that he doesn't like. I also finished The Same Kind Of Different As Me which I would probably rank up there as one of my favorite books ever! Seriously. Go get it!

Tuesday-It was Election Day. Steve and I went and voted and then celebrated by going to Dunkin' Donuts!

We went to dinner with some good friends to Cajun Yard Dog (y'all know how much we love that place!) and we stayed up for a while to watch some of the Election Day returns. I didn't stay up too late though. I went to bed not worrying a minute about it because I know God is in control and the world wasn't going to blow up overnight no matter who was elected!

-We went to Wednesday night supper at church and we had prayer meeting. And when I say "prayer meeting", I mean it. Lots of time spent around the table with friends just praying. It's been a long time since we did that!

Thursday-Ashley and I went to a Women's Event at our church called Forever Faithful. It was so pretty with candles everywhere and hor d'oeuvres and coffee. We heard two women's testimonies of God's faithfulness in their lives and we got to visit with some sweet ladies, too.

Friday-John and Ashley went out to dinner for their 3rd anniversary and we got to keep David. That is always so much fun.

He loves to go outside, so we took him outside with a flashlight in the dark and he loved doing that. We played cars with him and ate dinner and gave him a bath and read books. He is so precious!

Laura called Friday to tell us she has officially accepted her job offer at Digitas in Boston. She will start her new career on June 3rd! I can't believe my babies will be graduating from college before I know it!

Saturday-Today we went to a book signing of one of my sweet childhood friends, Todd Billingsley. He just wrote a book called Run To Win. Besides being an author, he also happens to be an accomplished composer and his wife is an exceptional athlete. She lost her leg to cancer but she overcame that and other obstacles in her life. This book is their story.

Here is the YouTube promo video of the book. Todd is actually conducting a piece he wrote with the Czech Symphony Orchestra!

It was so much fun seeing them today. I love old friends and hearing all about the things they have been up to and what paths life has taken them down!

Now we are back to Saturday night. It is date night for us. We have a gift card to use for dinner and I think we might go see the new James Bond movie. (You know who picked that one out!) :)


  1. We are going to see the Bond movie at 9:00 tonight. I hope it is good. I have been disappointed in movies lately. I am sooo ready for a really good chick flick. I just watched It's Complicated the other night when I was home alone. It is one of my favorites.

    Boston?.... good for her, but so far away!! I cannot believe how quickly time has passed. I will have my first college graduate this spring and the second next December. My State girl is already working a Moon and Lola (do you know that jewelry line?) part time, doing their graphic design and hopes it will turn into a career in May. I am keeping my fingers crossed because Moon and Lola is a Raleigh company.

    Grandson = cute as can be!

  2. I loved Same Kind of Different as Me - such a thought-provoking read!

  3. That was one of my favorite books too! Loved it! I just read *Kisses from Katie*. Have you read that? It is heart changing!!!

    David is always!!!!!

  4. I NEED to read that book!!!!!!


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