Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mountain Weekend

This weekend, our whole family met up in Boone and Blowing Rock for a little getaway. Over the summer we never could get together since Laura and Lindy were in Boston so we were finally able to work out a time when everyone could come. We had alot of fun!

When we got there on Friday, Lindy was already there. She got there a little early to hang out with Laura.

We met them in Boone for lunch at a quaint little organic restaurant called Hob Knob. I love fish tacos, so that is what I ordered and they were really good!

The house we rented was at the TOP of a mountain. And when I say top, I mean straight up winding gravel roads to where your ears almost pop. Our house was so cozy and perfect for all of us.

Friday night we ate dinner at "home" and just hung out. Here are Steve and Mark on the porch catching up and talking.

David wanted Nana to sit right beside him while he rocked in the rocking chairs. He was a little attached to me this weekend which was so cute!

Laura and Lindy made us some Rolo treats that were yummy. They didn't last long either!

That night we played board games. I love hearing all my kids laughing together! David was pretty much the center of attention. He was so cute and funny and everybody had fun loving on him.

Saturday morning we got up and ate breakfast and sat on the porch with our coffee and sat around the kitchen table together just talking. I wish time moved that slowly all the time. So relaxing!

We went into Blowing Rock to the little park there so David could play. He has never liked to swing before, but Saturday, he decided he loves to swing.

We couldn't get him off of it! We did a little browsing up and down Main Street in Blowing Rock, too. David got a South Carolina sock monkey!

I wish I could count how many pictures we've made through the years on this bench! (That is one sad little scarecrow! What on earth? haha!)

We ate lunch at Mellow Mushroom--one of our favorites. I love David's little face peeking over Ashley's shoulder as we are walking to Mellow Mushroom. :) He is so heavy! He gives his mommy a workout!

After lunch, John and Ashley went back to the house so John could watch South Carolina play and David could take a nap. We were all so sad about Marcus Lattimore's injury. Aaaahhh! That was so excrutiating to watch. We love him as a player and a person, so we hated to see that happen.

Anyway...the rest of us decided to go to Bass Lake to walk and just enjoy the day for a while. That is one of our favorite things to do!

We came back to the house and watched the very end of the game. We were so glad South Carolina won.

A little later in the afternoon, we went back into Blowing Rock for the Halloween Parade. Oh. my. goodness. There were sooo many kids!! They were all so cute in their Halloween costumes!

It was starting to get cold, so we came back to the house for some chili and taco soup and more game playing. :) We were going to make a fire in the fire pit, but it was too windy.

This morning, the temperatures had really dropped! Hurricane Sandy is bringing lots of cold air here and Boone is supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow over the next few days! Brrrr!! I'm glad we left before that got there (although I know it will be pretty!)

We ate breakfast and then headed to the Mast General Store.

David loved it. They have so many kinds of old fashioned candy and toys!

We got him some little fire trucks and he held onto them for the rest of the day.

We just hung out in Boone for a while and walked around ASU campus until lunch time.

We ate at Our Daily Bread for lunch and then it was time to head home. It seemed like the weekend went by so fast. I hated to see everybody leave. But this week is going to be very busy. I have Parent-Teacher Conferences tomorrow and Tuesday and Halloween is Wednesday.

I had such a fun weekend. I love spending time in my family!


  1. This post made me smile so big!!!!! That weekend was perfection!!!

  2. What a fun weekend!! Your family seems so sweet!

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