Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was Steve's birthday. His twin sister, Susan, is here from Phoenix for the week with her daughter, Emma so this was the first time they have spent their birthdays together in a really long time! We decided to spend the day in the mountains and we had such a fun day.

We are getting so old. Haha! We have had lots of years together. The first birthday we spent together was our 16th and now we're both 48 and grandparents! What??? But I am thankful for all the years we've had together.

I'm not going to think of 48 reasons why I love this guy so much, but I will name a few:

He loves me all the time & tells me every day how much I mean to him.

He tries to make me laugh.

He is a wonderful father and a loving grandaddy.

He puts everyone else's needs before his own.

He is athletic and in great shape even if he IS 48!

He can fix just about anything.

He is the kind of boss that his employees love. He takes good care of them.

He is smart and knowledgable about so many things.

He is patient.

Even when he has a million things on his plate, he will stop and take time for us if we need him.

He is business smart and hard working.

He is not critical and rarely says anything negative about anyone.

He is an encourager.

He has a servant's heart.

He is a role model for his kids and his walk matches his talk.

He has is a leader in our church and always does anything anyone needs him to do.

He cares about people.

He keeps our house busy because he has lots of energy and is a total "people person". We are lucky to have him in our life!!


Yesterday we woke up early and drove to Boone. Lindy was there spending a few days with Laura, so they met us for coffee and donuts and then we spent the day just hanging out together.

We toured Appalachian because Steve's neice, Emma, is thinking about going there in a few years.

After we showed Emma the campus and Laura's apartment, we headed to Blowing Rock, a quaint little town with lots of cute shops and restaurants, ate some yummy barbeque at Woodland's Restaurant, got hot apple cider, went to the park, and admired the beautiful leaves.

It was a perfect fall day and everything was so pretty.

So...I think Steve had a pretty good birthday! He got to spend it with his twin sister. (Here is a picture of them from I think their 19th birthday together-and now!)

He got to have his favorite things in the whole wide world...barbeque, sweet tea, and chocolate chip cookies! (Not to mention wings for dinner.)

He spent the day in one of his favorite places...

And he had his whole extended family over to watch the Gamecocks and the Wolfpack win!

And that is pretty much his perfect day! :)


  1. That pic of y'all kissing in the fall leaves is perfection. What a fun birthday! We love Blowing Rock...and Woodlands!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful birthday!!!! I love all of the pictures, especially the first two of you y'all! I also love your list of a few of the things you love about that hubby - so sweet!


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