Saturday, August 11, 2012

The End And The Beginning

One of the things I love about teaching is that every year is a new beginning. You get a whole new set of students who are eager and excited to start school and everything in your classroom is all clean and shiny. The desks are neat and the pencils are sharpened and there is just a lot of hope and promise that comes along with all that. It's fun.

Today was Meet The Teacher day at our school. I always enjoy that because I get to start putting faces with names and get to know the families a little bit before the school year gets started. I have some really sweet boys and girls in my class this year, so I am looking forward to a good year with them!

I ran errands all afternoon, but when I got home, I made some homemade taco soup and cornbread. And now the Panthers are playing their first game of the year. It has even cooled off a little bit today, so it is actually feeling a little "fall-like" today! Bring it ON! This summer has been extremely hot so I am ready for some cool breezes and lower humidity.

The end of July and the first few weeks of August have been a blur. I can't believe summer is already over! But I wanted to remember what we did, so I am just going to make a quick little list of all our fun!

But...before that...GUESS who is coming home tomorrow???!! Yep! My girls have finally finished their internships in Boston and are headed home--just in time for their 21st birthdays.

I haven't seen them since May, so I am so excited. They are excited, too, but they are soooo sad to be leaving Boston.

Laura told me that she cried all the way home on the T (the metro) on Friday after her last day at Digitas. She had probably the best summer of her life and she is going to miss it so much. Lindy loved Boston, too, but I think she is excited to get back to Charlotte to see her boyfriend! :)

Anyway...back to my list.

*I made my first strawberry rhubarb pie! I just used a recipe from the Food Network and it turned out really good. I loved it!

*I took my sweet girls, Taylor and Brianna, to the pool to go swimming one afternoon and they had the best time. I just love them!

*I took David to the hardware store to see the baby chicks.

He liked them pretty much, but he liked the motorcycle we saw there even better. And he loved kicking the rocks outside! :)

*Steve and I went to Portland, Oregan last week while he was on business there. I had never been to the Pacific Northwest before and it was absolutely gorgeous!

We went on a two hour hike one afternoon that just about killed me (it was literally STRAIGHT up a mountain!), but we also saw some things that were just breathtaking. There are lots of pretty waterfalls there, but the prettiest one we saw was Multnomah Falls.

And look at this overlook. A picture doesn't really capture the beauty of it.

This is crazy, but I had never seen a real cherry tree before. Haha! There were orchards and vineyards everywhere...pears, apples, cherries, grapes. Oregon is known for it's wines. Anyway, I had to get out of the car and take a picture of all the fruit growing on those trees! It was so cool. (Obviously, I am easily amused. Haha!)

We visited Hood River which is a cute little town with a hip, funky feel to it with lots of cute shops and restaurants. It reminded me alot of Boone, NC. We ate breakfast there one morning at this little diner type restaurant and it was delish!

One night we drove to Mt. Hood and had dinner in a huge lodge on the mountain. It was so pretty and our dinner was really good. Here is our view when we were driving to Mt. Hood.

We had such a good time. If you ever get a chance to visit out there, I would definitely recommend you go. I loved it!


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  2. I have lived around the Oregon/Washington border for a few years now...But we're moving to The Cape!

    Anyways, if you ever get to visit Portland again, you definitely need to eat at Mother's Bistro downtown and visit the idyllic Lake Oswego area.

  3. Ha! My mom and dad recently went to Oregon! They flew out to Portland, rented a car and had NO plan. Just drove down the west coast to Calafornia stopping in little towns and parks and attractions that caught there eye and staying in little B&Bs and Inns. :-) They showed me pictures that looked like yours - said it was absolutely beautiful!!!!

    So glad the girls are coming home - I know you have missed them! Having my own has totally changed my perspective - now I understand why my Mama STILL gets teary eyed when her 30 year old "baby" (me) gets in the car to leave! lol :-)

    Hope this back to school season goes well for you!!! Football and cooler temps make it feel *right* for back to school and get me in the mood for fall too!! :-)

  4. My brother just moved to Portland 2 weeks ago. He's been sending me pictures of how gorgeous it is there!

    Good luck with your school year!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Oregon is definitely on my list of must see travel destinations! I follow Laura and lindy on instagram & they look like they have been having a blast! What a great experience for them!

    Can't wait for fall!! Soup & cornbread sound amazing! :)

  6. Oh, what fun! I'm glad your girls will be home in time for their birthday!

    Oh, and I made your lazy day peach cobbler last night. Thank you so much for the recipe - it's delicious!


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