Friday, June 8, 2012

Jimmy Buffett And An Update

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is go to outdoor concerts and just spread out a blanket and hang out and listen to some good music. And that is just what we got to do last night! Back in April I saw that Jimmy Buffett was coming to Charlotte, and I thought it would be fun to get together with some friends and go. You can't get much more "summer-y" than Jimmy Buffett, right?

We went with our friends Pam and Rodney. We love them and always have fun when we get together. It was a beautiful night and we had a great time.

I wish I would have taken pictures of some of those Parrot Heads. Wow...they go ALL OUT with their tailgating and grass skirts and leis and crazy hats! It was entertaining just watching all the people there!

Meanwhile, Mark came home yesterday to get some studying in before he takes the LSAT on Monday. Please pray for him if you think about it on Monday. He has been studying SO hard. This is pretty much the scene at our house every time he's home lately. No TV, no Facebook, no talking on the phone. Just Mark sitting at the kitchen table studying!

And just a quick update on Laura and Lindy. They are loving being in Boston. They are both getting settled into their internships and having fun exploring the city together. I am so happy for both of them. I told them that I feel like I am reading a novel and each day I get to "read" a new chapter when I call them and find out what has been happening with them that day. :)

In the past week I have been doing little projects around the house that I have been meaning to get to, but mostly I have been just relaxing and enjoying my lazy summer days...reading, watching movies, napping, shopping. It has been wonderful. I hope your summer is going well so far, too!


  1. I remember the days of LSAT studying; our daughter just graduated from law school on May 13 - whew! She is studying for the bar now that she will take next month. He will do great, I'm sure! Keep us posted about where he goes.

  2. I will defintely keep Mark in my prayers tomorrow. So glad to hear Laura and Lindy are having such fun up in Boston!

  3. I always get cracked up when you post pics of Mark... more times than not he has no shirt on. Haha!! He's a free spirit, that one.

    I'll be praying for him and his test.

    PS - I half-way expected to see a pic of you, Steve, and Alvin and Becky at the Jimmy Buffet concert. :)

  4. I'll be praying for Mark tomorrow!

    L & L are just the cutest things ever. How much fun to get to spend their summer together in Boston!

    Enjoy your summer, sweet Betsy. You deserve it!

  5. Dear Betsy,
    My name is James Hough. I'm currently your daughter Laura's mentor at Digitas. I just wanted to tell you she's been a delight from day one.


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