Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty Much The Whole Month Of May In One Post

I have not dropped off the planet. I know you've heard this same song from me a million times about being so busy...yada, yada, yada, so I won't sing it again. It's just that May has been so full of birthdays, trips, graduations, school events, and family get togethers that it might rank up there with December for non-stop activity.

Anyway...let me see if I can try to sum up our month without making this post too ridiculously long! :) I'll just focus on our two or three biggest events.

May 11th was Ashley's 25th birthday and May 12th was Mark's graduation, so we celebrated those two things together. We spent the weekend in Raleigh for the graduation. I was so proud of Mark. He graduated Cum Laude from NC State!

His graduation was so nice. The campus was decorated with banners and families were walking around everywhere.

It is such a feeling of accomplishment to get your child all the way through college and it is a celebration for the parents as well as students! The graduation itself lasted about four hours and Philip Rivers (the quarterback for the San Diego Chargers) spoke. He played for NC State and is a Christian. He spoke on faith, family, and football and it was really good!

After graduation, we went to lunch and opened Ashley's birthday presents as well as Mark's graudation gifts.

Then we just walked around campus and had fun.

This picture represents light at the end of the tunnel, doesn't it?!

Doing the "Happy Dance" that he is done!! :)

We had another smaller departmental graduation later in the afternoon, then we headed back to Charlotte.

Mark is planning on going to law school, so now he is studying for the LSAT (an entrance exam like the SAT). He is working so hard. I know all this hard work is going to pay off and he will do great. God has a plan for his life and I can't wait to see what it is!

Meanwhile, Laura and Lindy got finished with their junior years of college and came home for a few weeks before their internships started. Did I tell you they both got internships in Boston this summer?

Laura is going to be working at Digitas (a digital advertising and marketing firm)

and Lindy is at Succarra (a fashion PR firm).

So last week, we loaded up Laura's little KIA and headed out. When I say "loaded up" I mean it! You would not BELIEVE how packed that car was. The trunk was so full you could barely shut it and every nook and cranny inside the car was packed with something. We were so crammed up in there I thought we might lose our minds before we got to the end of that 15 hour drive. But, honestly, it wasn't that bad at all. Everyone did great and we had a good time the whole way! Thank you Lord that we all didn't kill each other. Haha!

Laura and Lindy are staying in Cambridge near the Harvard campus. They subleased a house from four girls who are Harvard students that are gone for the summer. Their house is sooo nice and they are about a 10 minute walk to the T train (subway).

They will ride the train into Boston each day for their jobs. The ride is really short and not bad at all.

When we drove into Boston it was a beautiful day. Everyone was out biking and families were walking around since it was Harvard's graduation weekend. The Charles River runs right by campus and there were people out rowing and boats on the water. It was so pretty and the weather was amazing. We were excited to be there!

We spent the weekend getting Laura and Lindy all settled in and mapping out their routes to work. We also did some sight seeing and tried some yummy restaurants. They are already loving it and I know they are going to have the best time this summer. I miss them, but this is going to be such a great opportunity for them to learn and get some real world experience.

Back in Charlotte, my last day of school was yesterday. Woo hoo!! I had the BEST year ever and am so thankful that God gave me this job. It has been such a blessing in my life. I've got lots of plans this summer so I know it will go by fast. I am trying to soak in every minute and get as many projects done as I can in addition to reading and relaxing. School will start back before I know it.

I'm also going to try and keep up better with my blogging. I really do use this blog to go back and remember events in my life. I don't want there to be big blocks of time missing!

Two more things.

1-I am so excited I found PicMonkey!! Thank goodness this came along right when Picnik went away. It is free and it does everything just like Picnik did....collages, touch ups, etc. I was so sad when Picnik went away and this is maybe even a little better!! Yippee!

2-My parents just got back from a trip to Europe and they wanted to share their pictures and stories and also talk to Mark while he was home for a few days. So last night I invited them and Steve's mom over after church for dessert. My mom told me that in Southern Living magazine this month they had lots of good recipes for ice box desserts so I wanted to try one of those. I made the Strawberry Pretzel Ice Box Pie and it was really good. I thought I'd share the recipe with you in case you're looking for something cold and yummy for dessert this summer! Enjoy!


  1. Wow you have been staying busy with lots of exciting events! Congrats on all of your kids' amazing accomplishments!

  2. How lovely to hear from you! It sounds like everything is going brilliantly!

  3. Wow--such big things going on for your family! Hope you have a fantastic summer. The girls' internships sound so neat!


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