Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's pretty pitiful when you are just posting your Easter pictures a whole week after it happened! Oh well...that's life. Right?

We had an absolutely wonderful Easter. The Saturday before Easter, we just hung out at home with our kids and dyed eggs and played on our porch and grilled out. It was so nice.

Saturday morning, my next door neighbor, Michael, showed up at our door wearing this gigantic bunny head. It was kind of creepy seeing that huge bunny face looking through the glass window of my front door! But it made me laugh. Haha!

Sunday, we went to church and had our traditional Easter lunch and Easter egg hunt over at Steve's mom's house. It was fun this year because David was old enough to walk around and hunt for eggs and do all the fun Easter stuff. I bet our Easter was alot like yours, so I am just going to let our pictures speak for themselves.

This little sweetie pie was so precious in his Easter clothes. I could hardly stand it.

Mark...doing the sorority squat. Hahaha! Goofball!

The real Easter family shot...

This week it was back to school to see all my kiddos. It was a good first week back, and now the countdown to summer is on!! Have a great weekend!


  1. Cutest little Easter outfit ever!!! Looks like an awesome celebration. We are counting down to summer too :)

  2. LOVE Ashley's dress and David's outfit! Tell her she looks GREAT! Your family is beautiful!

  3. Y'all are seriously the cutest family!! Love all these pictures! And I agree, Ashley looks great in these pictures!

  4. Oh what lovely pictures! The sorority squat one made me laugh and laugh!


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