Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Update

Not sure where our pretty, sunny weather has gone off to, but it is cold and rainy here today so it is a perfect day to catch up on blogging. I have not brought my camera out much lately. I have mostly just been using my iPhone to take pictures of stuff I want to remember, so today I am just going to highlight what's been going on and include some of my mobile uploads!

Here is a little of what has been going on around here lately...

Flowers, bushes, and trees are blooming everywhere and it is so pretty!! Here are some azaleas from my next door neighbor's yard...

And Steve cut these roses from our yard!

Unfortunately, THIS is the pollen that I swept up on our porch. I was sweeping the porch while I was talking on the phone to Laura and I HAD to send her a text showing her what I was sweeping up so she would believe me!

Can you believe that? I guess the down side of all those pretty flowers is massive amounts of pollen. And this is about the fifth time I've swept and mopped. It is like fighting a losing battle.

We've been taking David to the park for the past few weekends. He is all boy and loves running around and climbing on things...

and throwing rocks in the lake!

Every time he would throw a rock in the lake and it would splash, he would laugh. It was adorable!

Steve was gone to Portland, Oregon all week last week so I had a pretty low-key week to myself with no cooking, lots of TV, dinner with friends, and going to bed early! I was so glad to have him back home on Friday. Mark and Laura both came home for the weekend, too, so that was fun. Lindy was at her boyfriend, Sean's formal this weekend. I thought she looked so pretty all dressed up! :) (I know I'm just a little bit partial!)

Friday night, Laura and I went to see one of our favorite bands called Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors.

You've probably never heard of them, right? They have kind of a folk sound with some rock and country thrown in, too. You should look them up on YouTube and listen to some of their music. I bet you would like it! We went out dinner at an Italian restaurant we like and then to this quaint little venue downtown. It was a lot of fun having some girl time together!

All my kids are winding up their school years. Mark is graduating from college in about 3 weeks! What??? And, did I tell you that Laura and Lindy both got internships in Boston for the summer?? I am so happy for them. They will be living in the land of the Red Sox and patriotism and Ivy Leaguers. I know they are going to love it!

Meanwhile, I have a few things I am looking forward to, also!

*Next weekend-BEACH for my birthday!

*Good friends and a Jimmy Buffett concert right after school is out.

*Y'all aren't going to believe this but we just booked a flight to Europe with Steve's mom and all his brothers and sisters and their spouses. Oh my goodness...that will be an adventure! He had been planning a trip to Israel with his dad right before he passed away. He was really sad that he never got to do that, so he has been wanting to take his mom somewhere fun and special and not let the time slip by without being intentional about making memories. And it turned out all his brothers and sisters could go, too. So it will be a good time. Something to look forward to this summer! :)


  1. I wish my azaleas looked like that! David is just the cutest thing ever!!

  2. Beautiful flowers, but whoa, that pollen is crazy!

    Your week sounds like fun! And a Europe trip sounds amazing!


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