Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Holding Down The Fort

Ever since we got back from Florida I think I have had a little bit of Spring Fever. I'm pretty sure I got a case of it while I was down there. It felt like it was already summer being there and then I had to come back to chilly weather and work. Boo!

Aren't you ready for a little of this?

(Of course, all my pictures came from Pinterest!)

All my kids are either on Spring Break this week or next. Mark went with some friends down to Florida for the week, so now he is getting to have all the fun we had last week! Steve's brother sent us this picture of Mark and his girlfriend, Kate. They are having a great time.

And Lindy is up in the mountains with friends. They are skiing and hanging out and relaxing. And Laura is going with her girlfriends to Washington, D.C. next week! Meanwhile, Steve is all the way in Portland, Oregon starting his new job. So it is just Rocky and me here holding down the fort. He's a vicious watchdog.

I am taking advantage of it though. I am trying to get some reading done and watching lots of girly TV and no basketball. Haha!

Before I know it, it will be MY spring break. Three weeks from Friday it will be here. I can do it!


  1. As I am in Portland, I can tell you we are having a beautiful Spring day here! Steve got lucky! ;)

  2. Hurrah for spring fever! Here in London it's beautiful today!


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