Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finished (Almost!)

Well, we finally got our kitchen counters finished! I told you I would share a few pictures, so here is what it looks like as of now.

I reframed the pictures I had in the kitchen...

...and bought a few new little things to go on our counters. We are still working on it, though. We are going to paint the kitchen, so that is the next step I'll show you when we are done.

It's funny how one thing leads to another in decorating. You get one thing done and then you realize you need to change something else to make it match, etc! I am trying to keep all that to a minimum if I can.

Anyway...that is the beginning of the extreme kitchen makeover. Haha!

In other news, it has been like spring here lately. Every day it makes you want to get outside and just enjoy the weather. Steve and I have been trying to walk a little bit and one day David came over to play on the porch.

He absolutely loved being outside. I know we are going to have so much fun this spring!

And even though it is spring-like outside, we pretended it was winter in my classroom this week and had some winter fun. We made these cute beaded snowflakes from thecraftjunkieblog...

and we did a science experiment and made borax crystal snowflakes...

They thought that was so neat! (I did too!)

And I finally finished my book, The Friday Night Knitting Club! Woo hoo! It only took me about 5 months! But, least I finished it. That is a big accomplishment for me during the school year. I got a new book for Christmas from one of the moms in my class. It is called Kisses From Katie and I am already about a fourth of the way through.

It is about a homecoming queen/class president from Nashville, TN who went to Uganda when she was 19 years old and just made it her home. She adopted 14 little girls and is being used by God in amazing ways. I already love it and would recommend it!

We are having a fun weekend. Mark came home this weekend so we have enjoyed catching up with him. And tonight we are going to one of our favorite Thai restaurants with some friends.

Are you doing anything for the Super Bowl? I think we are just going to order some wings and have appetizers and snacks. Ashley and John are coming over and my parents. We may have a few more people, too. Who knows? I don't really care much about who wins since the Panthers aren't in it. (They were FAR from being in it!) My next two choices would be the Saints or even the Broncos. But it will be fun anyway.

Hope you are having a good weekend, too!


  1. That sounds like a great book! Thanks!

  2. WOW, WOW, Triple WOW- Your counters and kitchen is looking beauitful. I would love to have new kitchen countertops but since the new baby needs a room I guess the countertops will go on the back burner.

    It's felt like Spring here too. Today though that has all changed and it's winter all over again :(

    Loved the projects you did with the kids, especially the borax one. That would be great around Christmas time.

    Root for the Patriots in the Superbowl. I've got 20 bucks riding on them.

  3. I am finally catching up on blogs now that our newest member of the family has settled in! lol. So good to catch up! Your kitchen looks great! It is so true that one home project always leads to another! I heard a story once of how a new houseplant led to a complete home makeover - HAHA! We are enjoying warm weather in Tennessee too... I wish we could at least get one or two good snow days though before spring! ;-) Hope you enjoy the weekend and superbowl fun and have a great week next week!

  4. Your kitchen is so pretty. We just did ours back in June and it seems we have very similar granite. I still look at mine daily and smile.

    The book you are reading looks great too.

  5. Your kitchen looks beautiful!!! Did you like The Friday Night Knitting Club? It's on my list.

  6. Kisses from Katie was really good, i read it on my Kindle.. Love the kitchen counters, makes me want to change ours! Enjoy the Super bowl!l

  7. The counters look great! I really like the dark color against the lighter cabinets. We have the same Super Bowl plans minus extra people...just me and my boys tonight! Have fun!

  8. A few years ago we did granite in our kitchen....and you are correct, one thing led to another! But it did force us to do some things that had been needing to be done for a long time. Yours look great! I know you love it! FYI I buy a granite counter top spray from Bed Bath and Beyond to keep mine clean.

    David is growing up! Boys that age LOVE to be outside. It will indeed be a fun summer!

  9. I am so looking forward to reading Kisses From Katie! Love your new kitchen counters.

  10. Sounds like a good book! and I LOVE your countertops beautiful job! Love little david he has such cute lips :) He is getting big too wow!! and we are still having unseasonably weird warm weather too! But enjoying it! Love your blog!

  11. The kitchen counters are gorgeous!!

    David is seriously so cute...those lips...I die.

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