Thursday, February 9, 2012

All You Need Is L♥ve!

So, since February is the LOVE month, I thought I would share some things I love today!

1. Red Stamp. If you have an iPhone, you need to download this fun app!

You can use it to spice up your pictures and make cards. Here are just a few I did while I was playing around with it. So fun!

2. Laugh, Paint, Create

I found some of the cutest art work and craft projects for kids on this website and I just love getting new ideas. This is a project you could do for Earth Day from recycled cereal boxes and gallon milk jug lids. Isn't it adorable?

Happy I found this one!

3. My "Come Monday" Pandora radio station. I listen to it all. the. time. I love all my old school music...Van Morrison, Jimmy Buffet, Carole King, James Taylor, Jim Croce. Puts me in the best mood! :)

But my second favorite is my John Mayer radio with Adele and Norah Jones and Mat Kearney and Gavin DeGraw! See....I can be versatile! :)

4. Some sweet moments with my class this week. We've had a little "girl drama" lately and it has about driven me crazy some days. But God gave me the opportunity to turn it around and give some hugs and kisses and teach forgiveness and that each day is a new beginning.

5. Getting away. How soon can it get here? Even though this has been the mildest winters I think I can ever remember, I am still looking forward to some sunshine, salty air, palm trees, reading poolside, flip flops and warm breezes. Two weeks from now...

You know what else I love? My cozy bed. And it is calling my name right about now! Goodnight bloggy friends!


  1. I'm a little jealous you'll be poolside soon! :)

    I'll definitely look into the Red Stamp app! Thanks for recommending! Have you tried the app Instagram? I love it!

  2. Awww Girl Drama! I have a 13 year old, I totally understand. It's just exhausting. Glad things got straightened out.

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