Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nine Random Things

Today is a list of nine random things...

1-This back to school week was the best I think I've ever had--just easy and non-stressful. Yay!!

2-I had a mom randomly email me yesterday and ask if she could bring my dinner. Um, really?? Why, yes you certainly can! And how nice is that?? It was homemade soup and salad with bread and homemade salad dressing. I want to remember to be that thoughtful. It means so much!

3-We saw "We Bought A Zoo" last night. It was so good! It was clean and just a sweet movie. I would totally recommend it.

4-Remember how cold it was at the beginning of the week? Well, now it has turned to spring. Seriously, you could wear shorts outside. I love it. People are out running and mowing their grass and eating outside. I can't believe it's just January!

5-My house is slowly getting back to being an empty nest again. Mark and Lindy are both back at school now but Laura has another week at home. It was so nice outside today that we both went out on our porch to read. This is how Laura ended up! :)

6-Mark called today to tell me about some things he had going on. We talked for about 20 minutes or so and when we were about to hang up he said, "Oh Mom...guess what I heard on NPR this week? When you talk to your mom on the phone, studies have shown that it brings your stress level down. I just wanted to tell you I heard that." Then he told me he loved me before we hung up. Sweet boy. I hope it really does bring his stress level down to talk to me!

Mark has alot going on right now. He only has one semester left till he is done with college! There are so many things to think about and I know he is a little stressed about deciding what to do once he graduates.

7-Thank you for your suggestions about what apps are good on the iPhone. If you have any more, I still want to know! And, let me say that the My Fitness Pal app has made me feel like a big fat cow! It says that in order for me to maintain my current weight, I need to only consume 1200 calories a day. Is that alot? That is HARD! When I put in what I eat, it usually goes over 1200. I told you that I'm not really trying to lose weight, but now I feel like I'm going to GAIN weight! Good grief. Not sure why I started that app. Haha!

8-Speaking of eating, one of my favorite things in the winter is soup. I think I could eat soup every day. Yesterday, I found a really good recipe for homemade chicken stock on Susan Branch's blog. I love all her books and calendars and art...

...and I love her blog!

Plus, it's always good to have chicken stock on hand for making yummy soup.

9-Steve and I are planning a trip to somewhere warm very soon. I love taking trips to warm places in the winter. I'm looking forward to that!

So...that's all for today! Nine random things.


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. I'm a new follower :)

    Your porch looks amazing. I'd love to see more pics of it. I love porches so much.

    What a sweet thing for your son to say. I think he's totally right too. I know when I'm stressed, talking to my mom ALWAYS helps.

    Hope your enjoying your warm weekend. The weather here in Ky has been beautiful the last few days.

  2. I made this soup tonight for some friends and it was so good! You'll have to try it!

    How sweet that a mom brought you dinner! I think I need to do that for some teachers!

  3. I downloaded the fitness pal app last night and it said I went over today too. I better get a handle on it. My calories for the day are 1260.. We are enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures too, so thankful!

  4. I love this list, and I too had a really pleasant start to term - a delicious surprise!

    I think it's just precious that a mother made you lunch - what a thoughtful and kind thing to do. At my school we have lunch provided, but every so often the parents will bring me a coffee or a snack. It always makes my day, I am so touched by little kindnesses!

  5. Oops.. for some reason my frist comment didn't appear - so I might be commenting twice! lol. What I said was, I am so glad you had a smooth return to work! As much as I love staying home, I still miss teaching from time to time - I really do love being a teacher. The weather has been WILD here too... FREEZING cold last weekend and then climbing into the 60s the later part of the week! Crazy! I hope this upcoming week is as random and pleasant for you as this past week has been! (I LOVE random posts... sometimes I think they're the best! ;-)

  6. Your porch is SO NEAT!

    I love soup too--perfect for winter!

  7. It's been so warm here too like crazy buds are coming out but it snowed today and feels much more seasonable :) love your porch and what an awesome women to bring dinner out of the blue I want to be more like that! And your kids are so sweet u must have done something right that is for sure! Love it:) I'd better not get that app ha ha! Have a great rest of the week


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