Monday, January 23, 2012


It has been such a drizzly, foggy, cold day today. And a Monday too! I was sad to see the weekend go. It went by so fast.

Today I have five quick things to share with you...

1-Last week was a busy week for me. It was Spirit Week at school. Every day we had some kind of theme like Team Day, Neon Day, Tacky Day, etc... So basically every day was like Halloween. Haha! Then Friday was our Homecoming Pep Rally. The teachers surprised the kids and parents by doing a flash mob! We had practiced all week to get ready and it was so much fun! I am on the second row, second from the far end. It was blue and gold day so I am wearing a blue shirt and gold scarf. That was my first time being in a flash mob and I had such a good time.

2-Last week was a rough week in some ways, too. Monday night we went out to dinner with Ashley, John, and David. David was having the best time and was so happy. But later that night Ashley called and said he was throwing up and was so sick. Bless his little heart. He was very sick with some kind of stomach bug and was so pitiful. But thankfully he got better the next day so it didn't last long. But then a few days later, John got it and ended up in the ER because he was so dehydrated. And Friday night Ashley thought she was getting sick, too, so Steve and I picked David up and let him stay at our house overnight so Ashley could get some rest. I think she was just exhausted because she felt better the next day.

3-Did I tell you that we are redoing our kitchen counter tops? Our kitchen is a big mess right now & the dry wall is all ripped up waiting on new back splash. But everything should be done by Thursday so we are excited about that! I will take before and after pictures to show you soon.

4-Have you ever watched Downton Abbey?

I have a few friends who really like it, so I am going back to Season 1 on Netflix and trying to catch up. We recently got Google TV so I can watch it on our TV. If you've seen it, do you like it?

5-And I am LOVING this video. Laura showed it to me and it is just so sweet. I had never heard of Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors before, but I really like their sound. And his wife, Ellie, is the daughter of Brown Bannister. He was the producer of lots of Amy Grant's albums back in the 80's & 90's. The musical genes obviously run in their family! I rarely watch videos that people put on their blogs just because I don't have time. But I bet you would really like this one, too!


  1. Sounds like you all had a really fun week at school! The video was super cute too. You all did a good job.

    Can't wait to see your kitchen!

    Have a good week friend

  2. We have heard Drew Holcomb &The Neighbors at Young Life camp before. My son LOVES them!

  3. Oh what fun that flash mob must have been.. We are having homecoming week this week and dressing up everyday, fun times but hectic time. Loved the video and I hope the little man feels better soon.

  4. Oh I hate to hear how sick David was! Bless his little heart! Easton just threw up for the first time a month or so ago and my mom said "Welcome to Motherhood". It was awful! SO glad he is better!!

  5. I love the flash mob! We haven't ever done an official flashmob but we do have teacher dances at our assemblies. At Christmas, we did the 12 days of Christmas and acted totally silly. That's just part of what makes teacher fun. :)

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