Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Stuff

We are having a good week. It feels like spring here. Where is winter this year? I'm not crazy about freezing cold weather, but I have to say I wouldn't mind a little snow. This winter has been kind of boring so far. Haha!

We have a bunch of guys in our house as we speak installing our new counter tops and our new tile and back splash. I am so excited. I think it's going to look great when it's all done! I will show you soon.

I got a sweet surprise at work this week. The office called me down and said I had a special delivery. When I got there, this was waiting for me...

No special occasion or anything. Just a sweet husband who I love alot! They are still sitting on my desk and they look so pretty. I know I'm a lucky girl!

Speaking of sweet stuff, I wanted to share a few sweet things I saw this week. First was a recipe I saw on my friend, Christal's blog. She said she got it from Pinterest (of course!). It is mini fruit pizzas and I thought they were such a cute idea. I think Christal said she went to a party recently where they had a mini fruit pizza bar and everyone made their own. I'm going to keep that in mind for a shower or party! Don't these look cute for Valentine's Day?

And I found this printable on Pinterest this week and loved it.

I think I am going to print it out and frame it to put in my classroom. I want my kids to remember to have sweet and loving attitudes with each other. They have been forgetting that a little bit lately. It would be cute to put somewhere in your home, too!

On another note, we are watching the NC State vs. Carolina basketball game tonight. That is fun game for us since I went to Carolina and Steve went to State. I am not nearly as huge a fan as Steve is and I actually feel a little torn for who to pull I since Mark is a student at NC State. But I'm looking forward to hanging out and watching it with Steve. And I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to watch American Idol or not this year. These tryout shows are my least favorite part. Some of these people are just crazy!! I like it better once it gets narrowed down a little. So...I guess we'll see once a few more weeks go by. Are you watching it this year?

Monday, January 23, 2012


It has been such a drizzly, foggy, cold day today. And a Monday too! I was sad to see the weekend go. It went by so fast.

Today I have five quick things to share with you...

1-Last week was a busy week for me. It was Spirit Week at school. Every day we had some kind of theme like Team Day, Neon Day, Tacky Day, etc... So basically every day was like Halloween. Haha! Then Friday was our Homecoming Pep Rally. The teachers surprised the kids and parents by doing a flash mob! We had practiced all week to get ready and it was so much fun! I am on the second row, second from the far end. It was blue and gold day so I am wearing a blue shirt and gold scarf. That was my first time being in a flash mob and I had such a good time.

2-Last week was a rough week in some ways, too. Monday night we went out to dinner with Ashley, John, and David. David was having the best time and was so happy. But later that night Ashley called and said he was throwing up and was so sick. Bless his little heart. He was very sick with some kind of stomach bug and was so pitiful. But thankfully he got better the next day so it didn't last long. But then a few days later, John got it and ended up in the ER because he was so dehydrated. And Friday night Ashley thought she was getting sick, too, so Steve and I picked David up and let him stay at our house overnight so Ashley could get some rest. I think she was just exhausted because she felt better the next day.

3-Did I tell you that we are redoing our kitchen counter tops? Our kitchen is a big mess right now & the dry wall is all ripped up waiting on new back splash. But everything should be done by Thursday so we are excited about that! I will take before and after pictures to show you soon.

4-Have you ever watched Downton Abbey?

I have a few friends who really like it, so I am going back to Season 1 on Netflix and trying to catch up. We recently got Google TV so I can watch it on our TV. If you've seen it, do you like it?

5-And I am LOVING this video. Laura showed it to me and it is just so sweet. I had never heard of Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors before, but I really like their sound. And his wife, Ellie, is the daughter of Brown Bannister. He was the producer of lots of Amy Grant's albums back in the 80's & 90's. The musical genes obviously run in their family! I rarely watch videos that people put on their blogs just because I don't have time. But I bet you would really like this one, too!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, our little nest is empty again. Laura went back to school today so now it's back to just Steve and me. But that's okay. We had such a good time with them home but I know they were ready to get back to school and get back into a routine and see their friends, etc.

School has been busy this week since it is the end of the first quarter. I have been working on getting report cards done and trying to wrap everything up. We also got iPads at school this week!! We played with them a little bit on Friday and my kids LOVED them! If you are a teacher, or even all you moms out there....what are your favorite learning apps for kids around third grade age? I need to get on my iPad and play around and see what's out there.

Guess what else happened this week? David got his first haircut!

His hair was getting long in the back, so Ashley took him to a cute little place called Doolittles and Laura and I met her there. He was so good the whole time and didn't shed a tear. He looked like such a big boy when he was done!

Saturday Laura, Ashley, and I went to Cardio Funk together. It's like Zumba and it's alot of fun. But we danced for a solid hour. Then I stopped and Ashley and Laura kept going for another 15 minutes! Whew! That is a workout! I really like it though. There were about 6-7 men there so I'm going to see if Steve would go with me sometime. haha I think he would like it!

Last night went out to dinner with Laura at Pei Wei.

We just wanted to hang out with her before she had to go back. It's going to be weird without her here. She's been home for a whole month! I will miss her.

Today was a bittersweet day for our family. We went to hear my brother, Blake, preach his last sermon at his church. He started that church 10 years ago and now God has called him to move on to some other things. So today he said goodbye to his congregation and we went to support him and to let him know how much we love him and that we will be praying for him and Angie as they start this new chapter of their lives.

He is an amazing preacher and he has touched so many lives during his ministry there. I know God has big things in store for him.

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King day. That means I get the day off! Woo hoo! Steve and I are planning to go to lunch and do some furniture shopping. We are about to start a kitchen and den makeover, so I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two In 2012

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions this year? I am not really a resolution kind of girl anymore. Usually I never keep them anyway. There are a couple of little things I would like to do this year though. I'm not promising myself anything, but I would like to TRY to do these two things if I can. I'm just keeping it simple!

1-Every year, I make it a goal to read the whole Bible through. I have never been able to do it so far. I really want to, but it takes commitment to get through some of those Old Testament books. I have a Chronological Bible that I really like so I am making myself a calendar and trying to see if I can do it this year. This is the Bible I have. It has tons of information to go along with each book and I love all that insight and history it has in it! I'm a history nerd. haha

Speaking of the Bible and religion...have you seen this yet? It was all over Facebook today but I loved it!

2-Another thing I'm hoping I can do this year is get back to some of the fun crafty stuff I used to do. I can sew and crochet and I've done tons of cross-stitching. But I haven't done any of that in so long! I really enjoy it, so hopefully this year somehow I can squeeze those things back into my life.

We'll see.

Last night I got to keep this sweet boy while Ashley and John went to a Bobcats game...

He is walking all over the place now. It is so amazing how one day they just get the hang of that and off they go! No matter what toys we have, none of them is as much fun as when we just pull out the pots and pans. He likes the simple things the best!

Tomorrow is my last day of school this week since it's the end of the quarter. Friday is a teacher workday. And Monday we have off for Martin Luther King day. Woo hoo! Yay for short weeks and long weekends!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Deals & Other Stuff

Confession...I go to Wal-Mart about 25 times a week. I am NOT a Wal-Mart fan, believe me. I hate the crowded aisles and the long lines. And our Wal-Mart has a Subway in it. Subway does not mix well with Wal-Mart. It always smells so weird in there.

Anyway...I DO find really good deals there from time to time, I have to admit. And this week I found two really good ones.

First of all, I am very cold natured, so I need warm, comfy clothes for when I am just hanging out at home in the winter. This week Wal Mart had all of their Valentines fleece pajama pants out and I just happened to walk by them. They looked so soft that I just had to feel them. Oh my goodness...I was sold! I almost bought this exact pair, but they didn't have my size... I got plaid ones instead. And I have literally worn them every single day since! They are so warm and so comfortable and they were only like $12!

Then, today I saw a jacket exactly like this one for only $25. I popped it right into my cart!

This makes my third coat that I have bought from Wal Mart. I get compliments on one of the coats all the time. People are always surprised when I tell them it came from Wal Mart! Both of those coats are very well made and so warm. I have had them for years. I love good deals!

On another note, I have my own "The Help" this week. Laura is here till next weekend. So while she is here, she is helping me out! She helps me with cleaning and with running errands. And tonight she cooked dinner for us. She made Pioneer Woman's Spicy Shrimp. John, Ashley, and David came over to eat with us too. I love having someone cook dinner for me!

Steve is watching the LSU v. Alabama game tonight. We both lived in Louisiana growing up, so we are pulling for LSU. I may watch a little bit of it, but I'm pretty sure I'll be asleep before it's over. Six o'clock comes reaaaallly early! I'll just have to find out who won in the morning.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nine Random Things

Today is a list of nine random things...

1-This back to school week was the best I think I've ever had--just easy and non-stressful. Yay!!

2-I had a mom randomly email me yesterday and ask if she could bring my dinner. Um, really?? Why, yes you certainly can! And how nice is that?? It was homemade soup and salad with bread and homemade salad dressing. I want to remember to be that thoughtful. It means so much!

3-We saw "We Bought A Zoo" last night. It was so good! It was clean and just a sweet movie. I would totally recommend it.

4-Remember how cold it was at the beginning of the week? Well, now it has turned to spring. Seriously, you could wear shorts outside. I love it. People are out running and mowing their grass and eating outside. I can't believe it's just January!

5-My house is slowly getting back to being an empty nest again. Mark and Lindy are both back at school now but Laura has another week at home. It was so nice outside today that we both went out on our porch to read. This is how Laura ended up! :)

6-Mark called today to tell me about some things he had going on. We talked for about 20 minutes or so and when we were about to hang up he said, "Oh Mom...guess what I heard on NPR this week? When you talk to your mom on the phone, studies have shown that it brings your stress level down. I just wanted to tell you I heard that." Then he told me he loved me before we hung up. Sweet boy. I hope it really does bring his stress level down to talk to me!

Mark has alot going on right now. He only has one semester left till he is done with college! There are so many things to think about and I know he is a little stressed about deciding what to do once he graduates.

7-Thank you for your suggestions about what apps are good on the iPhone. If you have any more, I still want to know! And, let me say that the My Fitness Pal app has made me feel like a big fat cow! It says that in order for me to maintain my current weight, I need to only consume 1200 calories a day. Is that alot? That is HARD! When I put in what I eat, it usually goes over 1200. I told you that I'm not really trying to lose weight, but now I feel like I'm going to GAIN weight! Good grief. Not sure why I started that app. Haha!

8-Speaking of eating, one of my favorite things in the winter is soup. I think I could eat soup every day. Yesterday, I found a really good recipe for homemade chicken stock on Susan Branch's blog. I love all her books and calendars and art...

...and I love her blog!

Plus, it's always good to have chicken stock on hand for making yummy soup.

9-Steve and I are planning a trip to somewhere warm very soon. I love taking trips to warm places in the winter. I'm looking forward to that!

So...that's all for today! Nine random things.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To Business

So...we're 4 days into the new year and so far it has been really good! Thank you God for new beginnings!

Steve and I rang in the New Year by going to one of our favorite restaurants that I'm sure you've heard me talk about before...Cajun Yard Dog. We actually went there last year, too, on NYE. We know all the waiters there and it's small and intimate and has amazing food and the TVs are always turned to a ball game so Steve likes that. :) We didn't do much after that. We were actually asleep for the first time I can ever remember when the ball dropped. We tried to get someone at the restaurant to take our picture, but it didn't turn out, so we just took one of ourselves to remember the night! ha!

We had to get to bed early because Ashley and John were bringing David over early Sunday morning. They went to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando to see South Carolina play and we kept David for them on Sunday and Monday while they were gone.

We had the best time keeping that sweetie pie.

He was so good the whole time. But...he is ACTIVE! He kept us on our toes every minute. He is starting to walk now and he also loves to climb and crawl so we didn't stop. I got lots of good sugar though and enjoyed every second of him being here. I was sad to see him go. But I know he missed his Mommy and Daddy. I love that boy!

Monday, since I had to work, Steve kept him all day. Mark and Laura and Lindy were here to help too. Ashley made us dress him in his Gamecocks shirt for the game! I think he had fun hanging out with the guys and watching football. :)

I wish I could have been home to watch the game and play with everybody, but it was back to work for me. Usually I am dreading going back, but not this year! It was a fun day and even oddly relaxing! haha I love my job and am so thankful for it.

It has turned super cold here all of a sudden over the past few days. Winter is definitely here. It has been down in the teens over the past few nights. Brrrr!! Now, please pass some snow! If it's going to be that cold, I would love some snow to go with it.

One of the things I have been doing a lot of this past week is learning about all my new apps on my iPhone. I have become addicted to Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends! Aaaahhh! So fun! So if you like playing those games, look me up!

And I just learned about My Fitness Pal app. Laura and Lindy told me about it and I think alot of my Twitter friends use it too. You enter all your meals and snacks for the day and it counts your calories for you. It also factors in any excercise and then it helps you set weight goals for yourself. I'm not really trying to lose weight, but it IS interesting seeing how many calories you eat in a day.

So true...right?

What apps are your favorites? I want to know about all the good ones!

Hope your 2012 is off to a good start!