Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

We had such a nice Thanksgiving Day! It was full of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, perfect fall weather, lots of family, friends, and food. I feel very blessed. God has been so good to us despite some hard things we have been through this year. The biggest blessing this year has been our sweet grandbaby, David. He has brought us so much joy and we are thankful for his little life. Here are the pictures from our day. I bet they look alot like yours!

 and everyday! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Girl's Day Out

Today was fun! This morning I got to keep David for a little while so Ashley and Laura could go to an excercise class. He didn't stay long, but it was enough time to get lots of kisses on his chubby cheeks!

It was a chilly fall day today but he loves to be outside, so we sat on the porch for a little while so he could laugh at Rocky. He LOVES Rocky!

He loved feeling the crunchy leaves, too.

Earlier this week, one of my students from last year called me. I have been missing my class so much but I didn't know how to get in touch with them, so I was so excited when one of my little girls called! I forgot that I gave her my phone number. We talked for a while and I ended up telling her I would love to come get her and take her and any other girls who could go, to lunch and to the mall. It turned out three girls could go, so today was the day to do that!

Oh my goodness...I wish you could have seen how excited they were! They acted like it was Christmas or something. We had the best time! We went to Chik-Fil-A, Justice, Claire's, Yoforia, Bath and Body Works, and they just giggled and talked their heads off. They were so cute. I told them that over Christmas maybe they could come over and bake cookies and watch a movie. I love them!

Tonight I took dinner to some good friends of ours who had a baby boy last week. Their story is really a miracle so we are sooo happy for them to finally get that precious child here!

We grilled hamburgers for dinner even though it's cold and now we're watching Water For Elephants since Steve hasn't seen it yet. Tomorrow all my kids will be home from college and I will have a full house again. It's going to be a good week!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thinking About Thanksgiving

Can you believe how fast November is going? Is Thanksgiving really next week?

I'm am looking forward to having everyone home and having a full house for Thanksgiving dinner. Last year Mark was in Spain and we missed him so much, so it will be nice having him back this year.

Thanksgiving at our house is always a lot of people and everyone brings something so that makes it easy. I do the turkey and a few little things and everyone else does the rest.

This is our Thanksgiving Menu this year (and pretty much every year!)

Turkey & Dressing (do you call it dressing or stuffing? I think in the south we all call it dressing, right?) We have regular dressing and spicy sausage dressing.
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Sweet potato casserole
Roasted broccoli
Asparagus casserole
Corn casserole
Strawberry-Pretzel salad
Copper Pennies (marinated carrots)
Deviled eggs
Pink lady salad

Cranberry sauce (this is just right out of the can & sliced up on a plate! haha! But I like it that way & that's the way we've always done it! It goes really good with a bite of turkey & dressing!)
Pumpkin crunch
Apple pie
Pecan pie

And then we pretty much roll ourselves home after that. Lord have mercy!!

Speaking of all that food, I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was cute...

Today my friend, Sophia, gave some good tips on how to make your turkey really moist here. She says to bake it upside down! I may have to try that!

One of the things I love to do at this time of year is burn all those fall Bath & Body Works candles that smell like heaven. And I also put potpourri on the stove sometimes and just let it simmer. I found this recipe for potpourri on Pinterest and I thought it looked really good. My recipe is very similar to this, but this one is so much prettier!

It almost looks good enough to drink, so you know it's going to smell great!

And, this doesn't have anything to do with Thanksgiving, but Steve and I met Ashley and David out for dinner at Q'doba tonight and he was being a cutie pie! So I just wanted to include a picture of his happy little self.

Have a great night!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Things

This month is the month of thankfulness and I know lots of people are doing a whole month of things they are thankful for. I am not that organized unfortunately, so I haven't been doing that. But I do have lots of things I am thankful for. I think you appreciate things more when you have been through a difficult time. Last year at this time, I was thankful, but I was so stressed out that it kind of overshadowed everything else. This year is a whole different story.

I was just talking to a friend of mine this weekend and she asked me how I was doing and I told her just how much better things are for me this year. I usually am feeling so overwhelmed when holiday time rolls around. It is like I already have so much on my plate that one more thing might just send me over the edge. But this year I am really looking forward to it! I already have my Pandora Christmas music going and I can't wait for all the holiday fun to begin! :) So, number one, is thank you to God for a job I love and for so much less stress. That makes such a big difference!

The past few weeks have been full of all kinds of fun and lots of fall stuff so even though I'm not doing a whole month of thanksgiving, I want to remember a few things that I am thankful for right now! we go!

*The fall leaves.

Every day when I drive through my neighborhood, I feel like I am in a fall wonderland. It is seriously gorgeous. I took a few pictures from my car the other day, but they just don't do it justice because you have to see these leaves up close and in real life so you can get the full effect. So beautiful!

*This sweet boy.

Is this not the cutest face? We kept him on Saturday so Ashley and John could go to a wedding. He was an angel the whole time.

We took him on a walk.

Steve's mom came over for dinner and read to him and helped me give him his bath.

He doesn't want to sit in the bathtub anymore so he is a slippery little thing! I have to hold on to him the whole time.

Here he is all ready for bed...

There is nothing cuter than a baby in pajamas when they are so clean and they smell so good! :)

*Time with my girls.

Laura and Lindy came home for the weekend and we had alot of fun together. We got Starbucks, made cookies, went to lunch after church together...

and did a little Christmas shopping.

Here they are having fun with Ashley and John at the wedding they went to! I love that they have a good time together.

I have been making some of my favorite fall recipes lately, too! I made a big pot of Spicy Chicken Vegetable soup this weekend and I have been sipping on hot apple cider and Russian tea on these chilly nights. Yummm! I've shared these recipes with you before, but I thought I would link up to them again in case you would like the recipes!

Anyway...those are just little things, but I am thankful for all the joy they bring to my life everyday!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Little Late

I am a little late to the Halloween party but I want to remember what we did this Halloween since it was our first Halloween with David!

Having a grandbaby came just at the right time for us since all our kids are in college or all grown up now. Halloween just isn't as fun when there are no kids around, so I was glad David got to come help us celebrate this year.

I told Ashley I would keep him last Saturday while she went to lunch with some friends. When she got back, she brought a pumpkin and we carved it.

David was coming down with a little cold/fever virus, so he wasn't really feeling very good, but I think he had fun touching the pumpkin and feeling all those gooey pumpkin seeds!

On Halloween night, we had Ashley and John and David over for dinner. I fixed a big pot of chili and we got ready for the hundreds (and I am not even exaggerating!) of Trick-or-Treaters that always come to our door. We have SO many kids in this neighborhood it's really unbelievable.

Anyway...David dressed up like the cutest lion you've ever seen and Ashley and John took him just to the houses of a few good friends in our neighborhood. He was still sick and wasn't really in the mood to be in a lion costume for very long. haha!

On another note, we are having a wonderful fall. I love living in North Carolina at this time of year because it is absolutely beautiful.

We have been busy working, but on the weekends we have been going to dinner with friends, having David over to play, watching movies and football, and doing things at church. We watched a really good movie a few weekends ago called Limitless.

Have you seen it? We just picked it up at Red Box and we really enjoyed it.

Plus I have also had more time to read! Yippee! I am reading The Friday Night Knitting Club right now and I really like it!

I think tonight we are going to grill some steaks and flip channels between the South Carolina and the Alabama v. LSU game and just lay around in our pajamas!

I hope you are having a good weekend, too!