Saturday, October 1, 2011


Having good friends is really important to me. I love looking back over my life and knowing that I am still good friends with some girls that I have known since kindergarten!

And I am always happy to hear from an old high school friend on Facebook or to see them at reunions or just around town. Every neighborhood I have lived in and every teaching job I have had has brought me some of my sweetest friendships and I am so thankful for that. But it takes time and effort to keep relationships going. Sometimes I get so caught up in life that I don't take the time to get together with my friends even though I love them and enjoy their company so much.

But recently I have been able to make more time to get together with girlfriends. Somehow it worked out this week that I had three days in a row of "girlfriend" fun. Thursday night I went to dinner with a friend I taught with last year. She was such a good friend to me when we were teaching together and I always have the best time talking with her. It was a beautiful night and we sat outside and seriously talked (over an absolutely delicious meal) for about three hours! I think good "girlfriend talk" is made so much better when there is some yummy food involved, don't you? What I love about her is that she keeps it real. She is genuine and tells it like it is and I appreciate that. She makes me laugh and she is smart and we see eye to eye on lots of things in life. She's just fun to be with.

Then last night I went to a friend's house for a "Ladies Night...Bring Your Favorite Thing". I sing in the choir at my church and all the choir ladies were invited to come and bring some idea or recipe or product that you loved. (Kind of like Oprah's Favorite Things!) And there was guacamole there, so that is a party to me! I got some great ideas from where to find the best cowboy boots and which lip gloss works best to where to find a good fitting pair of jeans and what face soap can make your skin glow! Plus I love those ladies and it was fun just hanging out and spending the whole night talking "girl talk".

I forgot to mention that I met three friends for Mexican food last week, too. I hadn't seen them in a while and they have the BEST stories to tell. We are all very different so that makes it fun. We literally stayed at that restaurant for almost three hours gabbing our heads off! keep the girlfriend fun going, today I gave a shower for one of the girls in my Sunday School class. She has also become one of my sweet friends even though she is way younger than me! I was so glad that I was able to help give her a shower because she is always doing so much for other people, so now it is her turn! She is having a little boy in November. She has waited a long time for this baby and I know she is going to be a wonderful mother.

So, this week I just feel very blessed that I have such good girlfriends. I think we all need them. They encourage you and inform you and relate to you and understand you. They are really a gift from God and I am thankful that He has blessed me with such sweet ladies in my life!


  1. I love having good girlfriends! And I love how even though you're my mom, you're one of my best girlfriends too :) love you!

  2. Girlfriends are the best!!!! :)


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