Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boone & Blowing Rock

I wish I could bottle up this gorgeous fall weather we are having this weekend. It almost makes up for the month of August (almost!) haha

Yesterday we went up to Boone and Blowing Rock to visit Laura and hang out. Just about every year since our kids were really little, we have gone up there around this time so it is kind of a tradition with our family. And now Laura goes to school up there, so we get to go visit her when we are there!

Ashley brought David with her this time so he got to join in the fun!

Unfortunately John had to do some landscaping work since this is their busiest time of the year, so he couldn't come. :(

When we got there, we met Laura and went to her apartment so Ashley could see it. Ashley has been so busy getting married and having babies that she hasn't had a chance to see where Laura and Lindy live! Laura has her apartment fixed up so cute. I love going in there because it reflects her personality so much!

Then we shopped around a little bit in Boone and walked around campus while we waited for Mark to get there.

Appalachian has a beautiful campus!

When Mark got to Boone, we all went to lunch at Our Daily Bread. It was so good. Boone is one of those towns that has very few "chain" type restaurants. Everything is local and that makes the food extra good in my opinion!

We always have to make a trip to the Mast General Store when we're in Boone. David doesn't appreciate it now, but one day this will be one of his favorite parts of coming to the mountains. It has huge barrels of every kind of candy you can think of and tons of old-fashioned toys that are tried and true.

I bought him a slingshot, (I mean, after all, his name IS David!) and we all had fun playing with it when we got to the lake! :)

They were also giving samples of hot apple cider so I bought some of their mulling spices. Yummm!!

When we left there, we headed to Bass Lake. We walked all the way around the lake (which really isn't far). Ashley carried David in her K'tan baby carrier so her back was starting to hurt after a while. That boy is a chunk!!

But it was so pretty and we got lots of good pictures.

It was back to Blowing Rock after our walk. Blowing Rock is such a quaint little town with the cutest shops and restaurants. I think everybody and their brother had the same idea we had to go up there this weekend, though, because I have NEVER seen it that crowded! We shopped and got free candy samples and drinks and watched the candle making and strolled around for a long time. Then we went to the park across the street and let David get down and play. He loved being able to crawl around in the grass and pick up leaves and be down for a while. He was so adorable! We all enjoyed just sitting out on the grass together and enjoying the day. Steve said he felt like we were in a Norman Rockwell painting because it is so "picturesque".

By then, it was getting late so we headed to one of our favorite places to eat... Woodland's Barbeque. It is delicious and not expensive. That's a winner for us! Barbeque, cole slaw, hushpuppies, onion rings, sweet tea....delish!

After dinner, we said goodbye to Mark and we took Laura back to her apartment and then headed back to Charlotte. It was such a fun day! I love spending time with my family! We always have the best time together.


  1. All of your pictures are wonderful! I can't believe how big David is! He is SOOOOO cute! That campus looks so pretty!

  2. Oh Betsy, what a wonderful day!!!!! And everything is so beautiful!!!!! :) Nothing like good family time!!

  3. What a wonderful tradition and wonderful fall day together as a family!!!!! The pictures were all so beautiful - GREAT picture of you and Steve! Fall is such a magical time of year and it looks like y'all really got to get out and enjoy it! :-)

  4. what beautiful fun pictures !! you have an amazing family!

  5. So glad I stopped by ! Your blog is fabulous… Just doing a little blog hopping and I ran across yours !!!

  6. So fun!!! I love, love, love Boone and Blowing Rock. Great pictures from your fun family outing!


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