Friday, August 19, 2011

A Blur

Well, this month wins a record for least number of blog posts EVER. It has been a blur. To be honest, I have barely had time to breathe, much less blog! August...I'm sorry. Not a fan. It's just blazing hot and humid and there is too much craziness going on! So tonight I am just going to try and catch up with a few August highlights. Y'all will have to bear with me for this one...I know it's going to have lots of pictures!

Right before school started, we went to the beach for one last vacation before summer was over (sniff, sniff!) It was just our family and very relaxing and laid back. We mostly hung out on the beach all day and went out for ice cream or played putt-putt at night. We had a great time!

When we got back, it was time to go back to school for teacher work days. I am so excited to be working in a private Christian school this year. Oh my word, it has been absolutely WONDERFUL so far. And I am very blessed to have a ginormous room with floor to ceiling windows! Woo hoo! (Last year my room had NO windows & I hated that!)

My windows!! Love.

Laura and Lindy are turning 20 next week, so we went out to dinner at PF Chang's to celebrate before they left to go back to school. I can't believe my babies are turning 20!! What on earth??

Steve and I also celebrated our 26th anniversary on August 17th! But we were so busy that we didn't get to do anything yet. We are going to go out this weekend to celebrate.

Other than all this, here are a few other things that have been going on...

*We got Laura, Lindy, and Mark all packed up and moved into their respective apartments at their schools. And we can now park our car in our garage again. I never took a picture of what our garage looked like this summer with all my school stuff and all their college stuff, but it pretty much looked like a bomb had gone off!

*I saw The Help and absolutely loved it. I thought it was as good as the book and that is rare for me. You really need to see it if you haven't already!

*I got a new computer on tax-free weekend!

*I discovered Spotify. Have you ever heard of it? It's a super quick way to stream music. It's kind of like Pandora and iTunes combined.

*We watched the first pre-season Panthers game with Cam Newton quarterbacking. I have high hopes for the Panthers this year! And I am so ready for fall and football and cooler weather and pretty leaves and chili and all that fun stuff!!

August is almost over, so things are going to settle down soon and I can't wait. Hopefully I will do a better job of keeping up with blogging from now on!


  1. Oh Betsy, I didn't know you were teaching at a private Christian school! That is wonderful!! I hope you have a wonderful year! I'd love to see more pictures of your classroom! I started a teaching blog about a week ago! It's:

  2. Your classroom is amazing!! I know you'll have a wonderful year!

  3. So glad you've had a good summer...and I agree totally that is was just too hot!! So ready for Fall weather...

    How blessed that you're teaching at a christian school...and love your room too!

  4. You had a VERY busy August... sounds like it was very productive though!! :-) How did you find a job at a private school? I have considered that for when the baby is older and maybe could go with me to the preschool part. Just a thought though. I am SO ready for FALL too! I am loving pre-season football and wishing for cooler weather. This has been ONE HOT SUMMER! Love you and your whole gang!

  5. I love your blog, been following it for several years, you have such a beautiful family, both inside and out (can tell by your blog). Anyways had to tell you that your grandson looks so much like Steve. I have to laugh when I look at him b/c there is definitely no denying he's the granddaddy. Thanks for sharing your life


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