Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer-y Fun!

Summer is just rolling along here with all the summer-y fun that I love. We had a nice July 4th.

It was very laid back. We spent most of the day at the pool. It actually rained that night. I don't think I can ever remember it raining on the fourth of July before! But Steve's mom had a bunch of people over to cook out and we all brought something good to eat. (Steve wore his dad's "fourth of July shirt" that he always wore in honor of him. I think it has red, white, and blue golf bags on it.)

Steve's brother, Mike, grilled out underneath an umbrella and after dinner we played games inside. We also watched the Washington, DC fireworks and thought about all the fun Mark was having since he was there with some friends! We called him that night to tell him we missed him and see what they were doing. He was on the mall about to watch the fireworks.

We were there a few years ago on July 4th and had a great time! When we got home, we watched the Boston Pops fireworks. That is where we were this time last year. I have to say that I think that is the best fireworks show in America. It was amazing to see it live and it is almost as good on TV!

I finished my book, Signs of Life, and absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a quick, easy summer read. I have a stack of books that I am trying to get through and I love that I actually have time to read them now!

We ordered Rocky a "thundershirt" this week. Thank you to Gina, a blog commenter who told me about it!

Apparently, dogs wear them when it is thundering or there are loud noises like fireworks, etc. and it helps them calm down. I am willing to try anything at this point...seriously. Last night we had yet another thunderstorm and Rocky basically slept on top of me all night. Bless all our hearts. I will let you know how it goes!

Other than all this, here are a few things we have been doing...

*We have all been spending more time outside. Steve was on the go this past weekend! I wish I would have taken a picture of all the stuff he did. He and his brother played golf and went to dinner with Lindy's boyfriend, Sean, and his dad. They had so much fun doing that. He also got a bike for Father's Day and he biked 10 miles on Saturday. We have a Greenway here in Charlotte that is beautiful for biking and hiking. Then he went to play tennis in the blazing heat for a few hours! He is the man! :)

Meanwhile, I have been spending lots of time just laying by the pool! haha

*We watched South Carolina win the College World Series!! Woo hoo!

*And we have been watching and staring in disbelief at the Casey Anthony case. I know the jury did the best job they could, but it is still disappointing. God will be the ultimate judge one day, though!

*I have been learning how download podcasts onto my iTouch. That is so much fun! I downloaded several interesting podcasts (who knew there was that much information out there???) this week and now I can listen to them when I am out walking or sometimes I listen to it when I am tucked into bed about to fall asleep. I have never listened to an audio book before, but I think I am going to try that next!

*I have been going out with Steve and my girls. Steve and I went to one of our favorite restaurants Friday night, Firebirds, and it was fun going on a date--just the two of us. We rented True Grit to watch when we got home.

I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite.

And yesterday Laura and Lindy and I had a day at the mall together. I wanted to get a new bathing suit since they are on sale and I hardly ever buy a new one. (I think I have a few that I've had for about 10 years now!) It was time.

I am loving July and I hope it goes by slow and sweet so I can enjoy every minute.


  1. What a great summer you're having!!!!! :)

  2. I have got to know if that thundershirt works! My girl gets so worked up with storms and fireworks - we hardly slept a wink on Monday night!

    So glad you are enjoying your summer!

  3. would love to know if the thunershirt works also. My dog hates any loud sounds and no one gets any sleep. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  4. Ha, that thundershirt sounds like something we use at school with my kids with autism! They like they weight (we use weighted vets or weighted lap boards), has a calming effect....I'm very interested to see if it works!

  5. Hey girl ~~ You should download "The Dream Giver" or "The Noticer". They are both really good as audio books.

    Also, Francis Chan is good on Audio Books because he is the one reading. Love when an author reads their own books.

    I have never even heard of a thunder shirt. Looking forward to hearing how that works.

    Oh and girl, do I ever need a new swimsuit, but I think I'd rather just think about it, because that is one of those things I DO NOT like to do =)

    So glad you are having a fun and relaxful summer ~~ have a Blessed evneing ~~ Dawn

  6. I hope the Thundershirt works for you, it certainly helped my 79# long haired GSD who likes to sit on our laps(trembling) when it storms! Our neighbor does a huge firework show in his backyard and it kept him calm during that too.

  7. Hi Betsy,
    I love your blog (found you through Kelly's Korner). I've lurked and wanted to say hello.

    I ordered Signs of Life after you suggested it (I'm an avid reader) and I really liked it. PLEASE give us all the scoop on your stack of books. (one comment...I was really wishing the author of Signs of Life would have put a picture of her husband in the book....I was sad to not get to see a picture of him). But I loved how "real" she was with her emotions and struggle.

    Thanks for suggesting it.

    God bless,
    Kelly in Michigan

  8. Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer! I am also in disbelief about the Casey Anthony verdict. It is just so, so sad!

  9. I love days at the pool too!!!! I have to say I would side with you at the pool in favor of all that busy (and fun) stuff your hubby was doing out in the heat and humidity! I can't wait to hear how the thunder jacket goes. My mom's dogs are TERRIFIED of loud noises - the 4th was traumatic for them! lol. Also, THE BEST AUDIO BOOK EVER is "The Help." Even if you have already read it. It is in my top 3 books of all time and the voices on the audio book are AMAZING! :-)

  10. Love how *busy* you always are...and the fun things you all do. I think it was so sweet that Steve wore the shirt his dad always wears on the 4th! I know his mom appreciated that!
    P.S. I saw your daughter's exciting news on her blog about her fun opportunity at App.!!!WOW!!!


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